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new run the jewels dropped
i guess its good thing i didnt pawn my speakers

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kc2nda__: no u

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wtf concrete enema
they have pic of the concrete

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damn, women gangs are mean

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wtf $200k gearbox
thats 40 of my cars
i try not to, honestly
JB weld and twine
fiber composite, yo!
i said plus twine!
<3 this guy
haha @ knocking over coil

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tubaman_: we did historx vintage racing league based on rfactor w/ mod for a few years
i havent played rfactor 2
and i like pcars a lot
anyway rfactor on sale is not a bad price
but KSP is on sale too and i have enough race sims
and i might not even get KSP
guys do you think its a bad idea to go to grocery store now?
its 6:30p here
gonna get knocked over by moms buying gravy or some shit
blackmoon: it usually goes completely dead at some point
tubaman_: eggs and some bacon
i want to make cookies, also i put little too much pepper in my mac n cheese so maybe bacon fixes

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stainless ones are
mild steel ones are as annoying as phillips
china SS hardware is usually fine
not always
definitely not always
youve never worked with china engineering samples
ha neat

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the_gfr|h: https://cyngn.com/blog/cyanogen-services-shutting-down
The open source project and source code will remain available for anyone who wants to build CyanogenMod personally.
does the mean they killed the open source part of the project? thats what that sounds like

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oh, neat because exgf got me multivitamins and book club book i didnt want to buy because cant eat it
not because shooting dogs
tho ya, dogs are dumb

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i think a lot of models of rolls royce dont have the greatest resale, so theres a lot of them owned by bums who can barely maintain them
which leads to their being in shit condition, which further lowers resale
there a definitely a few 70s/80s models like this
saw that, was like wtf then realized made perfect sense

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laminate like vinyl?
laminated wood
i like wood floor
im kind of over tile floor, shits eating all my socks
sculptor_: yeah but its wood, no?
with cosmetic laminate
yeah, wood is fine
it doesnt get crazy cold, and doesnt dent like vinyl
carpet is nasty

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