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tubaman: dunno ive seen thats lots
we had cable and a VCR
heh, i actually love watching die hard, because when i recorded it as a kid i missed the first 15 minutes
like, movie as i remember starts when takagi gets blown away for not giving up vault pass

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nico: did you see rogue one? its awesome like ep iv-vi
i should try going to sleep

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oh, sorry i thought you had a ' or something

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i dont think your world needs more darkness
just sayin
because ya, mean bears

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as much as i transfered almost a week ago
well, sure but as i have just demonstrated, it wont get there until the friday after

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paypal debit card is $5/mo?
workbench: neat
they totally put the fees on the last page of a 23 page doc
omg money happened FINALLY

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i dont, i keep giving burning chrome away =
fuck i need to get a paypay debit card, this 4-5 day transfer shit is ridiculous

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i mean, the movie basically is the scroll from ep iv
like, obv i knew how it would end, was still great

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in rogue one? she grows up in the first few minutes and maybe fucks up more people than any other single character in the film
its a lot more like ep iii-vi, it has that same dark tone
and the dogfight stuff is massive without coming off like game cut scenes like in ep i-iii
they dont doe the scroll at least =)

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remember how r2d2 had death star data along with the hologram message?
its about how they got it
its not kid shit
this is the first winter ive spent here instead of in socal
explains why i feel like WTF IS GOING ON about the cold, wasnt this bad late january

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guys, rogue one was great
makes ep vii seem pretty lame
kind of makes ep iv more awesome
also wtf 34F this is getting ridiculous, every fucking night?

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better than nothing at $9, 1099, no mileage, wasnt much money and def impacted performance at school
and yeah now my tires all used up =
i go back to old plan, gypsy engineering tech in the summer
but i cant live in friends garage anymore, because now TWO kids, fuck all that
and paying double rent might make earning more money a wash

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does ohsix go to school? can he actually work full time?
biking is neat, doctor said i prob shouldnt do that so much =(
every fucking job here isnt food wants full time, and a lot of the food jobs want full time too
rab: do you has recs for cheap mountain or road bikes that dont suck?
dr guy said maybe tall bike is okay
i maybe get a 26" bmx cruiser without the low profile style frame, tho, they still seem to be a deal in terms of quality
full time student, so yeah mostly
was doing delivery gigs last summer and semester
actually i can somewhat get by on nothing once school starts

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$16 not too bad
i stopped being shocked at that shit a long time ago

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unless it was feedback regged i would prefer two taps
turn on hot tap, wait for it to warm up, wash hands in pleasent window before burning
because ya my building has water hot enough to burn, which is pretty awesome for showers and dishes
i think so
thats why i like the cold taps
turn hot until appropriate water pressure
add cold until right
anything else is just some trial and error 3 degrees of okay and you have no control over the individual pressures
usually after a few minutes i have to turn it full hot
i dont think we have a very big water heater, and prob everyone taking showers around same time in morning
kind of wish i had a bath
i dont really like them for getting clean, but its nice to relax and not have hot water run out
on the plus side, my shower stall is pretty big, plus old person seating

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fuck remote water heaters i want a coil integrated into faucets
cold water is cold

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did you save the big LED panel?
80s looking spectrum analyzer potential
wow dudes filing machine is neat
rab: i need to do that =\

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i dont trust people enough to work in a production machine shop
thats good
yeah im super comfortable on mills
lathes kind of scare the shit out of me
shrug, im just much more comfortable on a mill
yeah mill can fuck you up pretty bad

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is that a treadmill controller?
heh, cool
i really, really dont like the idea of leaning forward while working on a lathe
maybe, but just random link
yeah seen this
this guys cool

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what like as in international trade
i guess if you have enough bears population isnt ever going to get out of hand

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they wear down quick, which means they arent wearing the records quick
nico uses them
nico is a junglist
those arent coal deposits?
energy scarcity introduced to BN
ya fuck those bears i gave up
bears are not racecar

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dunno man, nice EMP and my vinyl will prob be the only readable data besides my books
well a lot of mine are around same age as my cdrom, and they will work
you mean cd-rom?
why? pc is normally pretty clear
well, except the stylus part
the tonearm is somewhat straight forward
dunno, could prob figure it out given enough time and shims
cactus spine would be okay, would likely be easy on the media compared to diamonds and other gemstones
you can get metal stylus too

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theyre tempered?

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did you orient vert or horizontal?
vert might fuck you in turns
gang raped by cdroms
jero32: you could run little output resistors
i should trash all my cdroms
a lot of the perfect looking ones dont read
pretty wtf
yeah i wont throw them away thats neat

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shit was prob like an 8" diameter bundle
wait was it dead?
i dont understand
shrug, looks cool, $2 total
bulk savings

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