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oh shit i rabbed
*weren't using their access

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i dont really want to be responsible for #cars but if d0gz is so stressed about it ill be the an op, im active enough
ive prob deopped myself half a dozen times in there
i dont and i dont think the troll is that big a deal, sota and imb are more offensive
they prob hang in the same chans
i kind of miss mxman
i def miss tigerdrink, but if he is happy someplace else with his fam, im okay with that

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which is sad because i can be pretty fuckin autistic
stu's an ass
he was basically made to leave here
and as far as i know, he left #cars over some dispute over a domain or some shit
from what i understand the people who had access to the bots were using their access
and for various reasons, init doesnt have the bots in bitch mode anymore
im guilty of it, but im not responsible for cars and #electronics is generally pretty chill

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that would explain it

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i dont know who either of those people are

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i dont know who those people are
that dress is not good for right girls boobs
who are they?

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if with headphone, i would be annoyed at the phone
if lineout to a grounded device, shrug, ground noise happens
shrug, audio is almost never a priority and even if it is doesnt mean the engineers were audio people

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would be better if he lit a fat joint
i miss weed
jero32: did you load it?
yeah kind of expected
how much, what freq?
ya seems normal
i would be more annoyed at the phone if it didnt charge with that much ripple
you can hear it?

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