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haha @ submachine gun and shotgun

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i would just go to fedex office

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dunno that computer based printing shit at the end is pretty fuckin sexy
and the rolling plates were pretty automated already
heh soooo much wirewrap
wash your hands youll be fine
most of them probably live in academic art departments now

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jero32: neat

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im fine with that i just dont want it to take longer than it needs to

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well, class after if mech eng design, so maybe its used in that
this was like, calculate the beam
weird, sucks

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vrooom: maybe
tekrad: hi!
what tekrad said, also that depends on your motor
if its not loading the battery enough to drop out the voltage much, better C rating prob wont change much
tekrad: some what crappy, but i got B in linear circuits ii and A in embedded systems
D+ or something in diff eqn, which is enough to pass surprisingly
no idea in strength of materials, official grades posted monday probably
tekrad: we were doing laplace transforms most of linear circuits ii, was fine with it in that class
i dunno what that is so prob not
no i dont think that was our book
Mechanics of Materials 7th Beer Johnston DeWolf Mazurek

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in terms of total energy delivered
its C rating * mah * volts for maxiimum power delivery at any moment
its limited by its max current and max temp and/or capacity, depending on what your talking about

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