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like 104dB with that guy, $30
31Hz Fs
$15, maybe 110dB, but 50Hz Fs, crazy high Qts
$20, more reasonable Qts
infinity basslinks got expensive

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shrug, sure
35W from the wall?
or the amps are rated 35W
you can figure out the max output from sensitivity
for example, if its an 90dBSPL/watt @ 1 meter, and you add 100W, thats a 20dB gain, so 110dB
im guessing you can get 8" with a sensitivity of 85dB pretty easy
this guy is 84dB, 150W
so like ~107dB max

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ohsixi: eh, turn off the car
i miss parking at santa monica mountains view spots with music

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aaaaw, carrie fisher to debbie reynolds in new docu about her brother: what does he get in the will?
oh hes still alive

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throw them away?

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dont boost, cut
like a test box?
you usually need diff baffles
id say we have like maybe 3 baffles for each 'size' speaker
and then we would use toggle clamps
itll buzz unless its ridic thick

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ohsixi: are they in a box?
no i mean out of car
shrug, then its just pushing air around the edge of the driver, im guessing effect doesnt stop with that size speaker until above like 500Hz
ew diplo
frat rape musics

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blackmoon: led i think

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heh, i dunno how i feel about that
looks cool!

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shrug, my IQ been tested, happy with my performance at work and in school

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not necessarily true

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yes, the O in CO2 means oil
it says nanotechnology, so probably vapor irl
no vapor like it doesnt exist outside of a lab
shrug, give it 10-20 years

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yay dx
no yay
dont worry trump will fissit!

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