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right but when the small wheel grips they have to match speed, no?
or the cable between the spools will snap
or it gets cut?
i mean, like, immediately after tha transfer
i schwartzneggered
does the cable between them get cut?
oooh, ok
ya i can see how that doesnt work every time

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it does it without severing tha cable, at speed?
like, it just drags the cable down a slot in the spool or something?
in a single rev?
oh didnt even think of that yet, i was more amazed at this guide into slot drag the cable over mechanism
aaaah, you guys call the insane piece of machinery a traverse unit
so like it aligns two slots and jusy pulls hard?
and the full reel pulls through the empty wheel slot, and then they match speed?

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still with the wire printers?

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i like those mean wells

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sculptor: !

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if my data got wiped out, its mostly sentimental, it wouldnt be a huge tragedy
also my data isnt in some strange format where i would need special software and help recovering it
im not a research lab either
anyway, i never said i didnt care, i just know i would get over it
most people and companies do

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i understand it i just think people should move on
new software, new data types
they would be like WE NEED TO MIGRATE and i would be like, why not try this
and maybe they go to you instead
i wasnt going to do it for them anyway
if all my data got lost i would feel a little bad, but not so much
i am not a business
thats how i see my data for the most part
i didnt say nothing
why is that good to know
i also run raid 1 and keep my shit spread out when i do care
which i guess i dont according to you, shrug

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i install my shit i doesnt work i check later it works, shrug
one of the m$ network logins does it, i dunno, but it works
most companies have your shit on file and indeed will
that doesnt happen so much anymore =(
well stop complaining
pirate it if i had paid for it
i used pirated xp images a lot more than my licensed one
same with win 7
i had bought them at some point
well then i guess they better keep track of their software keys or learn some new software
honestly most of the software i use daily doesnt involve keys
another reason i am like, wtf is migration just download the thing and click the go
okay if youre a company and you lose your licensing data, you failed at money

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see what is migrate software
im saying new pc is great excuse to start again
and i guess for work shit, if we needed software to run and it only worked on an old os, we run a pc on that os for that software
i dont have this issue in my personal life
new pc, new year, new software installs
i get it or i figure something out?
pirating an image when you have a license isnt really pirating, its dealing with a software distribution shortcoming
fortunately, for the past decade, like almost all my software except preorder fucking bethesda games have been downloads
then you contact the company and get it back
i think i have 365, so yes i think so
i dont understand licensing for 365

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60/hr is management
if youre an engineer, doing engineering management, thats kind of around your max
the_gfr|w: no one repairs pc, they use them until the hdd is full and buy a new one
sometimes they break, and they buy a new one
people like you, you build a decent pc, that shit is going to last like 6-10 years
and not need much maintenance
compared to their model, youre fucking yourself out of a job
shrug, they hire a kid to reinstall
or run some anti malware software
theyve learn to cloud important shit
they dont even understand they concept of servers but they manage to backup shit
and get over with it and move on when they dont
the thing is, if you need a pc tech, you can go to any geek around our age and get your pc spinning again
everyone knows someone

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its old fucks
and very rich fucks
but like, 5 miles away is goleta
which is like, UCSB overflow, very suburban, somewhat affordable
well, affordable for santa barbara
but right, in LA, SB, or the bay, no way $31/hr is getting you into a house
wtf counted just sort and weight the shit
or dont they have a machine?
the grocery store has a machine

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pays 67% average, wonders why his empoyees suck
according to this, i topped out when i ejected
started at median
most younger engineers made 50% more to me when i lived in santa barbara, and none of them were interested
a house was like, silly pipe dream, irresponsible financial decision
when i worked in los angeles, it wasnt that much different

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the pot scan is pretty neat
its like, all of them
port scan
tho im sure pot scan will be NSA project in a week

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coffee depleted
oh, i guess not there is still that giant can generic charcoal

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giuliani as cybersecurity chief
only the very best people
guy is 200 years old, ball point pen is prob exciting new technology to him

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