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definitely maybe

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jero32: eh he made a zobel network with the output impedance of the amp
which is wrong =\
zobel network is to compensate for the inductive rise in a speaker voice coil
ideally, you add a zobel network and it flattens the output impedance of the system
err impedance seen by the output, not output impedance

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between signals or in a row next to signal?
rab: almost awesome
arent they affordable?
whats affordable that doesnt suck
quarks prob lagging

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guy feeling says that should work even across GFR spec connections
or maybe i meant mens intuition, shrug
truth, this type of shit gonna work or not depending on like 100 other factors
bird landing in tree 40 ft away improperly grounded and shit
i would be fine with it for audio if it wasnt -120dB shit

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maybe you had bad air

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usually stamped from flat strips of copper, with the other end formed as a wire crimp
very cheap crimp connector, and they dont stay flared through multiple insertions
did he mention 0.63" pitch?
timecop: why?
oh because wire too big
the_gfr|w: if this were my job and you said handle it, i would buy the pin header too long so i could solder in from the top
below 10mhz is pretty awesome how much hackey shit will work

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also i think springiness in typical spring materials comes from heat treating after forming
like, if you try and find a spring material and bend it to work for your application, itll just break
could it work? ya. would i suggest it? fuck no
those are great with solder, btw
see them, on dev boards quite often
stupid comma living by the m key
anyway, ive also seens other wire pins, that were like little diamond points

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itd be hard to design a temp connector that could provide reliable contact withought damaging through hole plating, that also works more than a few times
my guess is they do exist, but theyre going to be hard to find because its just not a good solution
every feature i can think of that would do what you want is basically a temp solution to hold a pin in place for solder, or a latch feature to hold a pin into a loose fitting housing
like, there are test points made from beads and wire bent into a shape that holds them into a PTH, but i def wouldnt trust those unsoldered

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pogo pins are the easy part, need some way to hold them that isnt a human
my guess is hes not going to do a huge QA style PCBA clamp jig
because having one of those made is usually a few $k
this convo is why i would have just soldered the shit as first method

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rab: as long as you can verify and attempt to burn as many times as needed, shrug
if it didnt work the first time, id just solder the shit
if i needed to work first time, i wouldnt even attempt a pogo jig
if there is space on the pcb, pogo pins on an acrylic block with weights
how you gonna use the router someplace without power?

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i wouldnt trust spring contact on something homebrew like that
because it only might work, even after working fine a few times
i think with beryllium copper v pins, itd prob be fine
those will work if they fit and you lean on them
i dont think they will fit if under 0.1" pitch
the housing are made to fit snug side by side at 0.1"
if you pull the cable to keep the wires in contact, youll have to work each wire with a diff finger to maintai contact on all the pins
def works tho, ive done shit like that before, dont exact it to be reliable tho
like, prob not best for burning firmware

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wait if those will work why cant you just solder in a pin header
if its less than 0.1", those pins probably will not work without some creative bending
i wanted a pi zero but theyre all out of stock
someone made a bad decision and now someone else not making money
how about you take a cable, strip and tin the wires, put the ends in the holes, and tack solder them with a pointy iron
get some magnification, be the hero, get the girls

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so use pogo pins if you dont want to solder
why cant you pay someone to solder wires to the pads if youre going to outsource
this is one time, no?
you bricked a lot of routers?
i feel like you can prob just push some pin headers into it if this is quick and dirty
but you would prob still have to solder onto the pin headers
that idea is like (c) every machinist since cavemen
i dont think pin jack connectors will work

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non THP, all through holes laced by china girl
okay look pogo pins can work, you cant make them work maybe
just solder to the pads, done

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also for a one time thing, i prob would tin pads and wire direct just because less time
rab: prob slides it over to apply pressure?
i initially thought same thing
i wouldnt trust that if thats the reason
i think he just slides towards pins until it feels snug

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i dunno how i feel about that
hot glued and zip tied clamp
cutting circuits out of larger PCBA is pretty typical proto lab stuff
rab: mostly i think its the hot glue on the wrong side of the clip thats annoying me, shrug

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