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pick up your silly tool with a dustpan

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blackmoon: at CNC school, the first semester the only tool you were allowed to use was a spring loaded felt pen
and they made a clipboard to vise interface
so when you crashed a tool, usually you would see the red pen splatter onto the clipboard paper, and freak out and hit estop
then you would have to go ask the manufacturing office for a new red felt pen
and get a lecture
the haas lathe was only with actual tooling
so they left a bent to shit drill chuck in the turret changer
and when people would ask about it, instructor would tell story about student with the nickname 'crasher'

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im going to put a stylus in my cnc so it press my phone screen
im going to put a stylus in my cnc so it press my old phone screen

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no movement and straight lard

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yes cheese skirt
actually my cholesterols were exactly one least significant digit out of ok range last blood test
which actually impressed me because i do bacon eggs and hash browns way too much for years and thought would be way higher

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but yeah, bernie stumped speech, and tried to corner her on an issue *no* republican would feel comfortable backing 100%
the free public college thing, which i support but there are reasonable arguments against and the details are prob crunchy, shrug
synth: automation is an issue so now all politics is on topic
anyway, franken actually asked questions about education topics, and made her look like an idiot, which she is
bernie made her look like a republican
i dont even specifically remember what warren said, shes been quiet or latent on a lot of issues lately
i want a nobby burger
because cheese skirt, but i had bagel breakfast sandwich for lunch
he maybe meant in a bong

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seent it
it wasnt all that brutal
bernie was basically like ARE YOU JUST HERE BECAUSE YOUR FUCKIN RICH? great bernie, way to get specific
franken did much better
at some point, i realize franken is basically the lefts trump
i dont know if that makes the left better or worse
but franken is a pretty good congressman in general
rab: well, franken integrated well, while still managing to consistently stand out in hearing as the mfkr who says the thing youre not supposed to say
the female reps from urban LA do that a lot, too
its like regular mfkr walking in, telling them theyre all bunch of corrupt useless fucks, and for a moment they all seem ashamed, looking at their shoes through their desks

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seriously, what a bitch
guys is like HEY YOU GOT ISSUES BUT IM OKAY WITH THAT <3 and she posts to everything fucks me network
i havent never wanted this in america more than now

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was like 40V on plates and grids on mine
datasheet was very russian
i dont remember if i needed a negative voltage on those, i dont think so

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