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blackmoon: its been raining, no?
they just do that
oh lame
hed prob feel that
i guess you didnt when it was on, heh
you oversteer if that happens
i can feel it if i pull away with it even a few clicks up, but i have a manual
you have a really shitty ebrake
you should be able to lock the rears so you can do ebrake park and get all the girls like james may
eh rears shouldnt lock up first =(
never no, not on a street car
and if you race like that, you prob got brake bias on a knob because thats crazy person shit
you were going straight
yeah once you lose traction they wont brake for shit
and rears cant do much anyway because theyre barely loaded in hard stopping

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the time to get a new car light
kevtris: younger friend is like OH SHIT YOUR TIRE SENSOR im like, yeah they broke one, shes like HOW WILL YOU KNOW IF YOUR TIRE PRESSURE IS OKAY
wtf, same as on my cars from the fucking 70s
that said, mechanics are crooks
like, tell me i need a new air filter or brakes, few months after they changed the shit
like, for free? wtf
my russian friends, all with dash cams
im 75k miles into my brakes and they still got some on them
engine compression braking, yo

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like, why is your phone charging with strange people around by itself anyway
i love microusb because it breaks so easily
the cables at least
ive had zero broken microusb connectors
mini usb, i think they all broke
every one of those phones diff
haha, after doing the oil consumption test, toyota tech was like ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THE OIL LEVEL NOW
im like, well yeah, because car

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kevtris: yeah i dont see them not breaking it intentionally when they realize
to save some other theif the trouble
since micro usb i think ive had like 3 cables break and none stolen
out of maybe 10

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gotta build robot or something for school on limited budget
recently i finally threw away that junk printer i was keeping around for parts

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which resulted in dropping the value of the most profitable coins, was like wackamole
like, it was considerably less profitable when i stopped than when i started, but still more profitable than mining btc directly
i dont pay power here, i should have been mining the whole time
doesnt look as scary as gefelte fish

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if youre long term itd be pretty hard not to have made money on it
i dont keep up, theres a ton of ways to lose your btc
are there still multipools raping the most profitable one?
that was short term $$$ for a bit there
killed the value of most of the alt-coins, which i thought was a pretty neat demo
because it isnt profitable
omg ty
tecan: multipools were taking advantage of all sorts of hype and scamming to boost alt-coin prices

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thats a lot of the roms

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22 is voltage rail, 21 is a sink
its a current input, shrug
what manner of oleds?
nice knob
shitty flasher is standalone or just a usb bridge?

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i dont think our walls gonna be as cool as chinas
hey be nice
is this mystery worth the scroll?

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vias looking straight ahead, nice

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show the math!
also hi
rab: okay just keep doing it for them!

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tekrad: i can turn 914 and 4148 diodes into LEDs
for about 2 seconds

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