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curls and the triceps and shoulders over my head behind my back
ill prob forget to keep doing, tho
synth: nite
ty for teas

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my shit def isnt placebo, heh
aerith_gx: dont worry its mostly for if i run out of marijuana
10mg is a high normal dose
i take that much, two blackberry gummies, nom
supposedly its very tolerance forming
oh i have ones like that, my mom gave me those
i think they work faster
yeah semester started so i starting taking them to try and keep my schedule early
waking up at 6 or 7a, taking time to do awesome cheap breakfast, get a handle of whats coming up on the day is awesome
that slides to past 8 and shit gets rushed, sucks
buy shit breakfast and coffee at school for prob 4x what it costs me to do at home
ive been doing drop sets with my lap bar

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try some tomorrow morning, too late for teas
trying to cut off caffeine by 5p, take the melatonins before 11p

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damn pumpers got into my mail
synth: teas acquired

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thats kinda neat
i was told to make random colors and throbbing for different things so it didnt look controlled, like group of glowy animal
so i did a dds synth for color and another for brightness, for each thing, and had them out of phase and with diff freq
wavetable was continuous random wave
yeah i like that
im steal that one day
it just randomly breaks up the noisy random
which is more random

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i lost my giant spool of phone wire

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fuck how many bans is that?

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not that i can think of
if money isnt a concern, i usually use 12/2 or 14/2 sjoow cable
with pomona MPD or speakons

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it can short out the amplifier
and connector quality is totally random
for signal level patch cables, i like 1/4" a lot
for power amps, it should be illegal

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heat from the speakers and amps summing, vibration causing problems with the electronics, acoustic design volume compromised by electronic components, increased acoustic turbulence
on the transducer?
oooh sorry i read backwards, without internal amps
shrug, banana combo jacks and speakon are popular
in pro audio they use 1/4" more often than they should

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01:16:39 < jero32> and do it all in software
its done
the expense typically has to do with amplifiers
there are active crossover plugins for fb2k, and using a DAW to do it is possible, if overkill
shrug, 16awg hookup wire works fine
digital audio workstation, studio audio editing software
in linux, my guess is you can use JACK or similar to do it
i might be a decade behind the times with that, tho
anyway, my guess is complexity is what keeps it from becoming more popular outside of professional high performance applications
internal amps are actually a convenience and there are several reasons why its not great

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for example, pro sound and high end studio monitoring use external active crossovers, and external amps
yes, in the case of external active crossovers and amps, the drivers would be broken out individually
common 3 way applications, the mid and high frequency drivers are often passively crossed

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fuck lenovo

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you guiding the layout, youre just not laying down each trace individually, making every bend, keeping things parallel
anyway, most hobbyists using autorouting wouldnt know the difference between good and bad and usually dont really care as long as it works one time
professionals are typically dealing with corner cases on the specs, and assholes like me who test the shit

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using an auto router well takes as much training as routing normally
like, doing placement and hitting auto for all nets is retarded, but grouping busses and having it route them one at a time makes sense and can save a ton of time while producing similar results
and professionals are why auto routers exist
people routing motherboards and similar high density, low dev time, standard designs are autorouting
theyre not like, importing schematics and autorouting whole boards at once, but busses and similar are grouped and auto routed
that said, theyre using curve tracers, relative to a DMM transistor tester
right youre not rolling dice

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