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and i tried to find tutorial vid, and these mfkrs showing the same shit
trump is the mfkn president and im actually considering penistrace
is too late =(
tomorrow only one early class i can tea all fucking day

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i bet i could pay some starving fellow kid to sort my parts and junk. they will find my little usb avr programmer and my big spool of phone wire
macegr: are you kicad pro?
macegr: is it true part management is worse than eagle?
like, i tried to figure it out and it seemed to want me to associate footprint and pins with like, all the parts, every time

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ha, i tried to program old random avr in the stk500 target area with the stk600 isp programmer, power jumped over and all vtarget jumpers removed
fuckin everything powered up, wtf!
the isp shit on the stk500 side and the target shit on the stk600 side
and like, i got shit to do with my desk so fuck all that
but yeah i have these little goldmine elec steppers
and i ohmed out the coils and figured out worst case, and im like fuck your step dir logic drama into line driver bullshit
datasheet i can abs max that much current
so, i will use many pins
because wtf else to do with random skinny dip mega avr

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i bought one of those little stm32f0 boards from chinas los angeles warehouse
also a pi zero
also some usb avr programers, because stk600 never wants to work for more than 20 minutes, and 2017 is like fuck your prolific usb thing, so stk500 is drama

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atmel studio has no line numbers
maybe using old chips isnt worth it

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same asshole username (rogue systems inc, old seller was attitude cutting tools)
maybe factory saw a hole in the market since enco is shut down

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i wonder if this is the same dude that used to sell american carbide on ebay
pretty sure that guy was factory b stock and excess production
$4 per EM, 1/8" 4 flute long shank
ya crazy low prices, but low 100% feedback

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and if a valve was worn at higher pressures, i can see that being an issue
i just put leaves in a coffee mug
have to go to labview than photoshop class =\

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synth: tasty, im definitely huge fan of white teas

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synth: trying white tea
neat @ few hundred year old tea trees
neat they let weeds grow around them to steal nitrogen from the soil

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black sun empire + noisia

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