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blackmoon: my apartment is like that a lot

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rab: no its like coffee
the tea is roasted, not the people

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yeah i like it, the roast in this was pretty subtle

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synth: dark tgy is tasty

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is easier to grow weed, i think
or at least, the investment is easier to quantify
tho i guess gold doesnt go bad, but he was just selling it
he wasnt just sitting on it
pun not intended, because he was sitting on it

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guys my dells wont die and its almost out of room for stickers
eer, non plural, i only has one
well, more than one but less than two, i has that parts one
thats some comittment

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i try an old one next and then try that

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synth: yeah a little, more than most green tea
its like black + green
i expect that i will like old style more

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synth: green foil TGY tinted the water green, heh
its yellower now, but yeah right after pouring def greenish

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news dates without years, not a great sign
ya but they make money
so, like, it probably works

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OH, and whats up with LPFK software? do you feed it gerbers and is there a way to output a file that can somehow be turned back into gcode?
dicktrace doesnt seem to have a cnc pcb solution

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the chips actually help because they pile up and act like coolant reservoirs
so recutting isnt really a bad thing because it means more coolant
sounds romanian to me
rab: what kind of chip load do you go for?

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rab: neat @ penis trace screenshots, im sure they will be proud to host
thats why i flood
well, squirt bottle
the mess gets all over the machine, table, instead of my place
shrug, buy gallon of rustlik, mix 1:10 in a little squirt bottle, cover cutting areas with few drops
multiple lifetime supply

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rab: shit 1" deep?
if its not a slot its not an issue
like 6061
wtf rab you dont think i do 1" depth in one go do you?
shit i usually do like, .005 to .02 DOC
so make the slot wider
i did the full depth with twingy's shitty soda can aluminum
cobalt cutter was the issue, when i found carbide ones, wasnt
that said, those EM's are usually more $$$
was kind of my point
and i flood cool everything
so if chips arent removed theyre turned to paint
w/ 4 flute EMs, without issue

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