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synth: blue foil pack (black tea) is good, is the least kelpy of the 3 ive tried
the silver needles is still my fav so far
win 13
so you know what sucks about irssi
if you try and switch windows and you put a space after the window number before hitting enter, nothing happens
thats about it

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and your post is basically calling people names
anyway, timecop is an asshole, often not very funny, *but*, timecop finishes projects, learns, and sometimes he even helps people
i may be wrong, but i dont think the same is true of you
ironically you used it as a justification for your unfunniness
or something

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being a fucktard and calling someone a fucktard is probably a fucktarded situation all around
but seeing a fucktard and saying, hey thats a fucktard, is maybe just a good observation
maybe but people have been backing up their statements with reasons
in any case, on the off topic topic of your management skills, its generally accepted that you are not a good one
so it may be helpful, when dealing with the channel, to accept that and act accordingly
so you are calling yourself a liar?
because if you are not a liar and what you say in channel about your business is true, i dont think you are a very good manager
well, you bring it up so it becomes something to talk about
maybe you should not discuss your business if you dont want people to disagree with you about it
sure, but like you said, this is irc

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the_gfr|w, that wasnt funny
that was, hey im an asshole, this is my proof
yes but some people are funny about it
right and quite a few people are letting you know we dont think that is very funny

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haaa @ telling timecope "no need to troll"
like the mfkr does it out of necessity
the_gfr|w: honestly you come off as a shit manager, and posting that as a joke shows you have shit manager humor

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