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in a system that traditionally has none
*so its not fairy dust

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the heathens will accept 50ms for video sync
for instrument monitoring, thats a complete joke
like, you better be paying the mfkr if youre subjecting them to that kind of latency
thats work
1-10ms seems to be threshold
i think a lot have just learned to compensate
a lot can abx changes below 10ms, for its not fairy dust shit
it seems to be more of an annoyance with DSP processors in analog signal chains, like stomp pedals and digital amps
you get two or three of those in a chain, and latency is above 10ms

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either a camera or a matrix of beams
musicians have higher than normal response times
like, their hearing is usually pretty shit so you can sell them trash speakers, but latency and poor resolution drives them nuts

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arent those $$$?
would just be easier to do optical i think

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gonna need like 3 arduino for steering, bc three axis
so i logged into my dinosour router on the 4th password try and the reset button was already re-enabled
i hadnt realized i was past the locked out of my router phase of my life

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well, theres probably a lot of motors and actuators and valves
and you need an arduino for each of them
so lots
oh and there is timing for the stages
so another arduino for that

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guys how come wifi networking w/ dhcp for rpi didnt just work

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blackmoon: its spacex, my guess is they have a whole department of media dorks hooked in with the marketing dorks and the PR dorks
and those guys prob wont let the engineers and techs anywhere near the live feeds
so the engineers dont let those guys pick the orings
its how the engineers get back at them

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19:10:36 <@Rab> Looks landed to me!
rab: everyspacex launch show ive seen, hosts like interns doing a school project
like, theyre not totally clueless, they got the official program and schedule

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