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omfg OMFG the fucking instructors solution manual cant differentiate correctly WTF

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mars has no beaches
300 miles from beach is bad enough

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fuck a grave you gonna let them put exyou in a box?
i dont see how the location of the dirt is relavent

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i dont think anyone knows who you are talking to
also you cant prove that
also, you know you cant prove that

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that seems worse than just not having a ups

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my pi zero has one day uptime and hasnt disconnected ssh the entire time

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...because you build computers
kids with google do this all the time
you repair modern electronics at a component level for business and wonder why you dont make money?
software fixes are temporary and unreliable
i dunno man i consider operating systems temporary and unreliable for the most part
unless its a lunix server that does one thing
i had crazy uptime on gentoo built from sources
that shit was either like, reboot 20 times a day, or once in two years

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visually satisfying
and in many cases better for feedback
you can look at a panel meter and tell whats going on faster than a panel meter
this is why digital speedometers mostly died
right but few have just the digital gauge
unless sportscar and the tach is higher priority
jero32: no
jero32: basically its for boutique style gear
so like, expensive studio outboard gear or audiophool tube amps
audiophile is an ambiguous enough term thats its basically useless
they require trimpots, trimpots mean skilled labor, skilled labor = $$$$$
eh you build computers

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heh, this guy did it for PC stats
damn that seems spendy
right, im just saying because i seen boxes of that shit unused in warehouses
pretty much
tho im not sure if there is a ham swapmeet within 100mi of here
hmm i think sac just goes to the bay

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haha, or the army of routing switches
yeah 10b adc and good ref is prob comparable accuracy for $3-5
and you get a whole uC along with it
my fav panel meter setup was tube job, boss had pots on all the analog uA current meter
i guess switches broke all his panel meter needles
so you would have to like, ease the current in with the pots
i wonder if uC controlled panel meters are a thing
like, analog ones

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that was the cheapest at grainger, $130 there
jero32: if price is an issue but design and debug time arent, making your own is maybe a better solution
heh, alot of panel meter applications ive worked with required more than one

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and the price kind of aligns with my price guesses
5x more accuracy, 10x the price
i trust the specs that include the +/- LSD more, tho

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if the velleman accuracy is refencing full scale its like +/- 50mV
so yeah, only good for about .1V
oh wait its 200mV not 9V
so its like +/- 1mV, sounds like a noise floor based spec to me
who knows, too early for maths
today is all about thing flys through the air, what speed does it smash into a thing
racecar which is lame because it needs banking is going fast, what banking angle so it doesnt fall off
rab: thats matches my 9V calculation exactly
which is neat because i trust velleman docs

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if it even comes with one
if its not an epoxy dot
i tent to trust the giant DMM dip ones more
jero32: depends on $$$ and time
if you needed an accurater panel meter you could probably buy one from digikey/mouser/mcmaster/grainger
if you dont, ebay or surplus electronics works
the documented ones are probably $20-100

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ha @ panel meter accuracy
answer: completely fucking random

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