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thats prob the most exposed one in a house
otherwise hidden in garages or laundry closets

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i dont think they are that much more $$$ either
apartments buy them bulk which means theres money in fucked up crazy low pricing
i dont know what fixed outlet is
omg remodeling
i have single sink
its practically 3rd world up in here
we just have junction boxes for that shit?
ive used some neato twist lock 120V/50A connectors
residential cant three phase here
120v single phase, 240v dual phase
i think stoves here are all 240v
A/C sometimes use 240v plugs

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rab: my bathroom breaker is GFI, none of the others are, but all bath and kitchen outlets have GFI
pretty sure last couple apartments like this, so maybe is code
breaker or outlet or either or both?
wtf weird
kitchen breaker def isnt GFI, i dont think other apartments were but dont really remember
i have two breakers dont map to anything, wonder if im flipping shit in neighbors studios
place is kind of a hack, only one meter for like 6 units
and a section of one of my walls is a closet in front of double doors to storage area
sculptor: im okay with that
id prefer them there than in the panel

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