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From 1935 to October 1, 2008, the company name was "Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd."[3][4] On January 10, 2008, the company announced that it would change its name to "Panasonic Corporation", in effect on October 1, 2008, to conform with its global brand name "Panasonic".[5] The name change was approved at a shareholders' meeting on June 26, 2008 after consultation with the Matsushita family.[6]
yeah i didnt think it was some sort of corpy takeover shit, its the same shit
i think matsushita:panasonic is like honda:acura
panasonic sounds like some 70s japanese business meeting brainstorm for global audio company

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omg bandsaw yay!
rab: i thought panasonic = matsushita for most purposes?
i think bandsaw is heavier than cnc =\
is got decent roller bearing setup for cheap craftsman shit, went straight through Al, way straight
i know matsushita brands more than just components
ive has matsushita branded optical drives

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in really big, and slightly bigger
everyone else mostly got those silly brit ramp carrier
with their silly planes that go up

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i never thought about it but you could throw a crazy party on an aircraft carrier
would be like reliving rooftop standoffs on acid with security guards
theyre all pretty similar relative to everyone elses
like i think russian and china have one US style carrier each and we got like a dozen

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ccfl_man: java is a c type language thats cross platform that has type handling for kids
its a decent stand in for pseudocode, for teaching concepts
c++ works okay, too

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in retrospect i dunno why they didnt put those instructions on the livecd
youre thats some crazy shit
my first pc was crap, and it was 700mhz with like 256mb of ram
i dunno how you guys did operating systems on that dinosaur computer shit
heh i tried solaris
no drivers for my soundcard!

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no idea
linux isnt very good at office productivity, heh
i installed gentoo fromlivecd with printed instructions to get net up

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fellow kids and their cnc glue guns got nothing on shiny machined aluminum omg so sexy
is mint gentoo or deb based?
was an ubuntu?
ah, yes is an ubuntu, not a gentoo/arch
yeah they really trashed that shit up
if im living on something, i usually switch it to some *box wm
deb binary stuff is pretty good, lots of stuff, mostly works, sane default configs
i havent used anything redhat/suse in like 10+ years
like, you try and bypass built in config utils, system is trashed

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meabwhile my lunix is machining a thing while rending toolpaths in 3d
its been doing this for months i just walk up to it and poke it to turn monitor on and everything working
i feel like you are taking advcantage of people who dont know the true solution is to reinstall all the things

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this thing was like, ic + cap = 10mV/C
fuck i dont think ive used a 3/8" endmill for roughing since i started running the machine without shields
these chips got hangtime, my socks are fucked
like on top of it
touching it if you are that creative
tho you can used something like glue to try and keep their temp similar
omg rebewt 2x

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fuck i need to get the cnc a shower curtain
dry machining is ridiculous fucking aluminum confetti conne get on my microwave
ccfl_man: you can get thermocouple amps w/ built in cold junction
yeah then you need a temp sensor
kevtris is maybe saving 30%
thedamn theyve gone up
kevtris saving more money
they were $4 for a bit
looks like this one is $7 now

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and most the smartypants engineers just pointed me at shit and taught me enough to get going, and then come back at data and tell me which data is trash by looking at it
like, i dont think they do enough with data visualization in labs
like, got these old engineers jerking off about solving equations to linearize data to be able to work with it
take 45 min of class to do this, in multiple classes
guys thats just a log scale checkbox on the side of the graph now
20 seconds
i feel like they dont do the click the checkbox, do it in 20 seconds at the end of their lecture so the fellow kids make that connection
like, i mumble the shit and hald a dozen local kids go, oooooooooooh
least im gooder at maths now

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heh, all the meca alumni have 1000 yard stare when their coursework comes up
i feel blessed to have learned electronics and CNC from mfkrs who worked los angeles aerospace, defence and tech in the 80s and 90s
apperently shit is better than average, heh
yeah seriously
yeah, test and measurement brain i got from smartpanta engineers and having to figure shit out from manuals and safe trial and error

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right, mostly its like 3rd party tool examples for me
scripts know what theyre doing, yo
the python guys were always younger than the matlab guys where i worked
so, meca is attached to the ME department, and EE falls under EE/ME/CE department which is headed by an ME, so EE isnt great
anyway, somehow meca doesnt have a matlab course
shit comes up, theyre like FIGURE IT OUT USE MATLAB OR SOME SHIT and meca is like, we dont know how and ME guys like YOU GUYS KNOW C FIGURE IT OUT
so im going to figure out python

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thats pretty much why i got a pi
to learn the python and have a pet lunix
that can change
itll be like reverse of c
the syntax will be backported into an actual compile language
and i have no idea but how can their not be programs to convert python into native c
i didnt like bash
#!/bin/bash is like oshit fu
its easy enough to read tho
writing is is as fun as a makefile

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the matlab and labview guys dont have to know what theyre doing so much
when the old fucks die more
give it 10 years
fellow kids arent buying this labview shit
NI stuff is neat
labview isnt bad really
the ui is bad
seriously zoom would be killer feature
maybe its a strategy
look as soon as sales go down 20%
we bust out zoom
take over the industry again
rab: labview is waaaaaaaay better than ladder logic
ladder logic is fucking scary
im pretty sure i gamed the ladder by making one extremely long rung

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dude you have no idea
im sure half the shit im doing is available as some sort of subvi that i have bothered to learn how to use
the labs are cool tho
and instructor is an unliked japanese guy, but i think hes pretty good
he made us calibrate a thermister vs a thermocouple, and now were doing frequency sweeps
the students seem less depressed when i tell them if they learn this shit they have jobs for life and mad $$$
smart guys using python instead of matlab at last couple jobs
not all of them but its like half and half split
but this happens: 'well whats the problem, what you writing it in?' python '...oh, yeah man i just write it in matlab and click paste a UI shrug'

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and then the rest of their life is avoiding the calculus they spent all the time getting good at
alumni day, someone made the joke about integrals, and two alumni and instructors start laughing all like, ya no ones done an integral out of college in ever
because in real life, you just average the fucking samples because no ones figured out how to sample at infiniti hz yet
i feel bad for the MEs that get the jobs with programmers that do math forever, they must feel imprisoned

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but like, it took me 45 minutes to construct a file header
pretty sure thats like, 5 minutes in c
ha, cover of mechanical measurement book just a 2nd order hpf
zeeshaan was going on and on about how he knows all the things and shows me a 2nd order filter plot and is like LEARN IT
and im like, thats textbook every other crossover and every sealed speaker, but is way to simple to apply to vibration problems youre talking about
is like the mechanical engineers get to two orders, mind blown

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ccfl_man: neat, this needs to be two classes
the mechanical engineers would be fucked without the mecas
last lab was like, 90 minutes of this is how a scope and sig gen work
sadly 3 years in and the EEs arent much farther
and recently i realized they dont even see a diode until like, end of their third year
our instructor is like, yo NI has lots of videos and manuals, go
which i dont think is bad, fellow kids need to learn how to teach themselves shit from the internets
right we dont has that so its fairly unstructured
they just wait until the instructor shows them how to do it
pretty sure everyone finishing on time is doing this shit at home
but any programming class is like that

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like, this UI is a decision made in 1996 when monitors were 15" 800x600 and they never thought maybe one day gpi goes up
and mice were probably slower
ccfl_man: i check, im not even sure its labview specific
rab: no they just use nav window
because grid alignment is so fucking shitty i just make my designs huge because i know making the manual gap and alignment tools work takes tons of space

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prob not
tho i was doing that anymore
my pi zero has one week uptime, feer
*doing that anyway
rab: used rrdtool?
they just beaglebone?
rab: i thinka ima write a script to hammer it for a week, see what happens
yeah l;abview for a job wouldnt be so bad
but labview with no established code base to copy from, while doing 4 other classes, is a bit fuckey
rab: i have a 40" 1080 monitor and labview still pisses me off

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go to college and all your free time will be filled with guilt
like, i have to photoshop some custom animal brushes onto a truck
also labview homework, also arm cortex homework, also dynamics homework, also ME design project
its a brush that looks like an animal part?
ccfl_man: this is almost as bad as ladder logic
programming with colors and shapes! wtf
that would be mor einteresting
yes, its mechanical part of mechatronics
with some TI shit
were using keil tho, so thats neat

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