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ha wtf
and then he told the channel, balls

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all i know about is pill junkie and hospital with the beetus
haha wat!?
def before my time

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he blew himself up?

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place kinda smells like gas but oven says its getting hotter
am i gonna blow up?

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the concepts were super enlightening but i wanted to suicide every time i had to calculate moment of intertia
ha, i couldnt remember and didnt write down the moment of inertia equation for a rectangular cross section
so exam last week i put a final answer as a function of I
find out wed. how much of an asshole instructors grader is

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i dont enjoy most of the mechanical stuff
like, ive learned a ton and it was my weak area, but this shit mostly isnt interesting
i think they mentioned DFM one time freshman semester
design for manufacturing
i bet they teach it in manufacturing, but most those guys arent going to be doing deskgn jobs
i like materials science stuff
but calculating complex loading isnt something rewarding to learn to me
like, ok it smashed into the wall with this force. shrug

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matrix lab, its basically a calculator for multidimensional datasets
so like, type an equation in slightly weird syntax, and itll do the math on all the elements
blackmoon: right this stuff wouldnt be hard to program but this is a bit faster plus plotting functions and calculus solvers
but its not c
i think it has ; at lineends
thats about it
no its used across industry
like, lots of firmware algorithms are generated in matlab
like, say you want to generate data maps for an ecu from some set of control equations
or visualize large sets of data
basically mathy engineers at exjobs were either older fucks using matlabs or young fucks using python

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this is the same instructor who says turn in some shit hand sketched
then afterwords says it was supposed to be word processed
like, guy gave the assignment deliverables after we turned in the assignment
even he didnt they usually wont side with students over something like this
hes basically a shit project manager
rab: shrug, doesnt matter much
you rarely get to select your instructors, and definitely not in my program
basically, its amazing if you can even find courses that actually fit into a schedule
mechatronic, so we do the major shit in both fields, almost no electives
and we skip some prereqs
calc 3? fuckit youll learn it in statics and dynamics
matlab? you had a c class, figure it out
are you asking sincerely?

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mech eng design project
im pretty much done
majority was stuff on hand but ive already spent $30
like, this is almost a rural city, we have a radioshack
so basically no electronic components, and i wouldnt be able to find raw materials i need
in 2017 fast prototyping without mcmaster is just retarded
like, where the fuck am i going to get ptfe rulon j roller bearings and low durometer tygon tubing in this city!?
and my guess is someone got caugght in some sort of scam
so privs revoked
no idea
i dont know

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fucking instructor, over and over telling us $40 is all we can spend and get reimbursed
pastes us the note from admin lady that says its been policy for 3 years

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donate to me!
secret donate to me!

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what is it?
omg because $3k
nano projectors
shine logo on your hand at human readable size
removable ones are prob for rails connected to ports

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o damn very fast
fuses should have turtle and bunny indicators
.9 sounds like a vref
i think you are wrong, because we are already living in the future for awhile now

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i got tagalong gsc

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