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you got moon to teach you about tan
you cheater
*you cheated
i dont want to calculate the shear stress
all the things

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k look at chemicon and then look at panasonic, same volts/farads/esr/size
report back findings
all the findings
you might have to calculate it
read harder
if you dont understand a spec for a specific cap, google to find out
maybe its one of those
yeah keep doing that, moar google, more application notes

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its a little sucky but way more active
avrfreak is there
ya basically
shawn|465: you know how you learn about this
shop for caps
compare datasheets and specs and cost between manufacturers
then you got general lay of the land
now read white papers from all the companies
they they will tell you all about all their types of caps
then after awhile, go shopping again
repeat forever
1% polypropylene for life

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wtf is wrong with his fonts
guys i dont want to calculate the deflection
i dont
mechanical engineering is a stupid engineering
okay well no lemon party linking
10 year ban

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The accuracies have been
opened to a level that guarantees a very competitive price.

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the_gfr|h: in money?
ths is school
this cost me money

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if the input isnt hi-z its going to fuck with the value a lot
well use 39 or 43 or some value that actually exists at least
maybe says in datasheet
my dosing pump ME design project is success
and i havent even machined the cover to keep the tube and rollers from flying off into space

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right click all the things? or do you just get a browser menu
what did you use?

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is why im suggesting
if you overvolt does it just clip and not work or die?
right for it to work
but does that abs max it?
anyway, dont cheap out on the cap, itll drift with temp
thats only -2dB
ha, so you actually need to be a bit below the knee, knee is -3dB
40pF and 1k
start around there

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fixed frequency?
RC LPF filter with the knee below the cutoff frequency
adjust resistor until attenuated enough
high side resistor input, low side cap to ground, tap the node between
dumbass, you need to filter the square to turn it into a sine
which means itll be attenuated
you have no choice
its not optional
so adjust the LPF to get the drop you need
and see if its sine enough
dont make me ltspice fkr, i dont have time
i have to do some bullshit ME homework
that will work fine im sure
do you get what im saying tho?
it might not be sine enough

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yeah car connectors are either sex or complete shit

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if they try and charge you more tell them they should have called to authorize the extra labor

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