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ya factor of safety looking like 20
redesign my nuts

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wait are those what i have?
they decouple automatically?
maybe not what i have, im pretty sure mine ripped the rocket up

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so like, i would have to use like, multiple side decouplers up the rocket, and use truss from lower wider rocket stages onto couplers on the upper stages
so you decouple the truss along with the stages, without ripping off any of the things
man fuck school, back of brain is trying to figure out a function for number of rockets per given load before load becomes insignificant and youre jerking off with extra motors on a stage
seriously, ksp is prob the only shit im going to use this kinetics and kinematics shit for =(

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whats aerobraking
oh neat in ksp
ive pretty much exceeded the ability of the couplers to lift the rocket
hardly any parts

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but is def cool if you can live with the rigid time intervals
like, it doesnt just loop buffer data w/ timestamps, it makes rigid interval time samples, interpolating your data to fit
and does some cool things if you can oversample, i have to doublecheck if it saves all data to make its rigid interval data samples, i dont think it does
also it will squish data with crunchier resolution automatically, and can do checks against predictive algorithms besides min/max/avg stuff

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not having real books is kind of shit
best case you have a PDF with contents tree and its just a bit slow to flip around
but fuck the scanned image books =\
we need paged matte lcd sheets
so can flip between like a dozen arbitary pages
i should kickstart that, burrito money for years
rab: rrdtool almost too much too rigid

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so basically im funding project completely out of pocket

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ha, im so fucked in my dynamics class
have an exam tomorrow morning, not studying because of ME design class shit
like, both classes are heavy loads but ME design instructor is a disorganized mess, so assignments are last minute, not well defined, often redefined several times in emails right before deadline, sribbled whiteboard diagrams for problems have been incorrect more than once,
like, this shit is why project managers exist, and why theyre usually not engineers
this is the same guy who rushed us to go out and buy parts for the project with a budget of $40
then waits a month to tell us school policy has been cash only for 3 years

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wtf @ simpler

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i cannot afford ksp =(
ive run out of shit to do in the demo
neat, normal force angle rounds to zero
im just going to make a note that im ignoring it unless redesign is necessary, which is wont be because SF is prob like 1000
or at least 10
unless i drop the thing on concrete

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teacher says use the 80s era equation solver to do the project calculations
shit crashes

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heh @ single iron atom sensor
also @ using an electron scanning microscope as a logic gate

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