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can mac even cad/cam?

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i dont really have time for linux as a desktop
linux doesnt do cad/cam and doesnt have ms office
linux rocks at machine control tho

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didnt they switch to something else?
they had to switch to udev because devfs dude rage quit all of internets and no one else could or wanted to figure it out
well its like how every distro uses its own init system
the window manager trash and preconfig is like how they sell themselves, but distros are basically init scripts
so you would bsd or windows a random server?
or you are just unsatisfied with it all
win10 is very win7
i dont think ive even had to use it for work shit since the 00s
win10 on this thing, win7 on laptop

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like, i know shit with /dev and init have changed but i dont know how, i dont really follow desktop UI stuff because if i give a shit on an install i use enough, i install *box wm because gnome/kde type shit is pretty meh
or xfce if the distro has their menu and config shit together
most of the time ive needed a lunix in the last 5 years, the shit mostly just worked

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yeah i have a logitech df pro, pc just sees it as typical usb controller
enough to not feel comfortable answering that questions without more context
and last maybe 5 years i havent really done a lot of system admin stuff

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at a certain point, bigger circuits mean slower circuits
but a lot of that isnt even related to molecular level quantum shit, at those speeds parasitics matter, so small dimensions usually reduce those
keep dem squares square

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wtf happens from 1pm to 5pm

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