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ham: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1045195/Red-Bull-gives---increased-risk-heart-disease-say-scientists.html
they seem to only mention it once, and refer to it generally as 'red bull' after, but thats about the sugar free version
i dont get sugar substitute shit
my guess is its the same as caffeine and alcohol and weed
has upsides and downside and theyre not always going to be the same person to person and situation to situation
i didnt drink it until santa barbara job, they had big fridge of free redbulls
prob the coffee robot broken or something

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ham: for why
readerror: yeah the flavor is pretty light and less sweet in comparison to everything else, and i like the light carbonation
it trips me out how knockoff shit will just jave one of the flavor components a bit diff, and the effect is way extreme
also daniel ricciardo is fucking awesome
and that little bitch verstappen can drive okay too

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wow i am truly amazed with how horrible monster and rockstar taste compared to red bull
rockstar tastes like cough syrup
yeah this is like, 80s bubblegum cough syrup

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06:28:02 < Macgyver0> There were no better alternatives presented at that time sadly either.
so you got conned?
because i think its pretty clear now this was the worse alternative
those possibly it takes nukes flying over an SNL sketch to convince everyone
like, i think hillarys email situation was shady as fuck, but i think donny tiny hands has the market cornered on shady situations

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04:10:38 <+kevtris> dunno if that will stand
says the guy living in a country who elected an 80s con man turned reality tv star as president

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