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ha, my school is sending phishing emails to itself
results: 8% provided full credentials. this is better than when they phished themselves in december, when 16% provided full credentials
ha thats like 1000 people

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yeah its got same key
oh no that one has 4
gainger is not cheap
thats why not cheap

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not unless you link me to datasheets
neat at the little notch key
wonder if they got a socket for that
kind of looks like they key wont engage until its too late, heh

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synth: me and teacher had a misunderstanding where she thought i didnt get modulo
when she understood i just meant shit wont work unless wavetab is 2^n long when the index for the wavetable overflows
shes like, that doesnt matter
shes like, microcontrollers are really fast, no one would hear it
and thats only if you leave your system on forever
im like, wtf any lpf in the system, and theres going to be a transducer so a lpf gonna happen, it going to turn transients into tick sounds
and worst case, it happens 180 degrees out of phase and if youre using two of these things the waves would cancel
that doesnt matter
if that matters, its really, really bad circuit
old fucks who are mostly dead
its not ancient it looks new
just looks mexican
wow they put theur date code as a normal date

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u hi
its more EE focused
ask question quick or we get mad =(

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uhohz, exboss says they were talking about me today
tho i guess exboss now works at where we first met, before he was my boss at other job

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thats what wiki says
i guess by the time i was paying attention in the mid 90s, everything awesome was sportbike until everyone going nuts over the monster and suzuki things
i still think the late 90s yamaha R1/R6 are sexiest 2 wheel things ever
look like little robot hornets
oh and triumph daytonas are usually pretty sexy
but i hardly saw any of those
i think its the one right after that i really liked

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oh neat theyre naked
its like they started as a naked sport bike before that was a thing and then got a fairing?
ya those look neat

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looks useful for keeping passenger from sitting on pavement, and launching bike upwards
probably a miata is better than a grom
because groceries and laundry

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whats that
oh i did that with a little bike like that
because as soon as it started i was on the back edge of the seat and it kinda popped up
and then it went 4 feet and bumped into the wall
and it bounced back and the ped put a hole in my shin
but yeah the little one was kind of harder than big one
i should sell car and get a grom
ha i seen that first one

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dude lands on his rollerblades, do they break? dont care
dude lands on one wheel on his rollerblades, do they break? no, falls on his ass
yeah how many trees died before you could pull that off clean
i bet all the saplings, gone
i didnt even know about that one

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thats not totally true
but that case is private infrastructure
i remember when they swapped cable backends with fiber in SFV and all the cable net speed like doubled every year
but ya, bridges, roads, public buildings, water systems
i was always like fuckoff when they would say WE GOT WORLDS BEST WATER FILTRATION PLANTS
yeah and 80 year old pipes
my guess is they figured out the pressure where there is enough minal leakage throught the system that it keeps dissolved solids low enough that they pass testing
i dont want to do ME design homework

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yeah im totally a paranoid fool for not wanting to drink the tap water...
kinda since i was a kid
i feel like 80% of america was built or rebuilt post WW2 to last 50 years

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i didnt think so
but ive never seen one at 10khz

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thats a crt, right?
wonder where he found one of those
i thought my mom had the last one

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and being lame, because drift
so right i dont even
modulus is fast
this is kind whatever tho
irl, for digital audio, a dds synth makes more sense
192khz * two channels, plus processing, with latency limits
you save wherever you can
also a lot of things are handling banks of like 8 to 32 channels
more than likely there is more than one dsp, but you make some bean counters pretty happy if you can reduce the number

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jezus fuck
so i note in class that the teachers trick with modulus to set the index of an array for a wave table would only work correctly if the wavetable is 2^n long
shes like, no
then keeps me after class to try and explain to me, initially explaining modulo to me
when i finally get her to the point where she says some compilers will max out, and some compilers will overflow, and that the overflow state was what i was talking about
shes like, well thats if you let it run forever
dot dot dot
and then shes like, musician would never hear it
like, they would hear a min to max transient in the middle of a smooth tone as a tick
and worse case, running two independent systems and one overflowed at the crossover mid wave
it would be 180 degrees out of phase
it would completely cancel signals
they would notice that a little
sure but there are cases where arbitrary wavetab lengths are an advantage or necessary
so anyway
irl, if this was an issue, it would be very difficult to test for
which means customers would find it before r&d
and it wouldnt be easy to diagnose if the overflow period was long or the phase shift was minimal
tho if it was minimal you could prob get away with calling it drift

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like, chem barrels and radioactive bits are one thing, in nevada they were burning like multiple planes worth of composites and chems
but they werent 3 miles from an urban area
actually u2 was maybe all burbank
that whole areas groundwater is considered contaminated

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i think youre underestimating the amount of shit they have to burn
like, you make a plane out of composites, then decide you need to do better composites
theyre sure as fuck not going to throw it away, and cutting that shit down for little ovens would take forever
right theyre not a junkyard, and that doesnt get rid of it
they want it gone
vans not made out of titanium and composites
rab: they were doing this shit in the 80s
like, santa susana was pretty small stuff
but like, area 51 burn pits during U2/SR71/F117 were supposedly epic

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they were unshielded reactors, because mil, so fuckit
theres a trailer park with amazing views near the entrance
ive had two friends live up there, great hiking, im glad they dont live up there anymore
its pretty common i think
like all the classified R&D bases burn everything

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the reactor that originally melted down was a military project
they used to fish in the pond where the chems would runoff into
in that pic, the background is the san fernando valley

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ha, so they closed down this city park i love, because early 1900s turned out the grassy part was a shooting range so tons of lead buried there
or possibly its a coverup for more santa susana contamination, shrug, but anyway we snuke in from the mountains behind
and state rangers told us we had to leave, but they told us where there was a hole in the fence to sneak onto to state park and we could be frens
theres jet engine degreaser runoffs in the hills like 2 miles from there
and still radioactive burn pit
also they used to machine new and spent fuel rods there
who the fuck knows what they werent caught doing there
no its like cancer bad
if you own a home in the area, you got a settlement
like, rocketdyne and boeing and nasa been playing hot potato with responsibility for it
they prob got payed decent money
well, maybe
that might have been mil

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you can get pulled over for driving speed limit in heavy rain
judge prob isnt going to side with you
maybe if you have dash cam showing youre just going speed of traffic
in general tho i think highway patrol are better than most cops
theyre like park rangers, mostly theyre there to keep people safe
park rangers are usually so chill, theyre like honorary stoners
even tho the fed ones can bust you for herb
motorcycles illegal?
isnt like your entire landscape covered in moisture 365 days a year?

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dads an asshole for giving her that fiero, her friends told me she was constantly spinning that shit
wait they dont need to breath or blood test you?
cop just says, yo this guy on drugs, and thats it?
it might be like that here
if you outright refuse then its up to cop
but im not sure if theres a rule about rufusing once
in general or on a lawnmower?
yeah that sounds close to how it is here
oh for everything?
and thats kind of the law here
basic speed limit is as fast as conditions allow

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like, their a bass music thing, but i havent gone because its barely dnb if at all and i dont want to end up spending all the moneys there because homesick
i havent been to new dnb weekly venue in LA
sometimes i feel like i should have just done EE at CSUN, but then i get a call from bounty hunters looking for my sister, or her asking me to drive 600 miles to pick her up from psych hospital, and i think ya going away was prob right decision
i dunno how she got a DUI she doesnt have a car
shes losing her touch, too
she used to be proud of turning those DUIs into hit and runs by leaving the scene
seems worse to me but what do i know about going to court for DUI
haha, only time ive driven drunk, i bent her fiero's door backwards on a cinderblock wall in front a cop in the alley behind our place

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i learned a lot at that job
jobs i want aint here
like 1000 job postings on linked in, almost nothing engineering, tech shit is like, factory electrician
and it doesnt matter anyway because everything full time
in sac?
i cant work in sac im 100 miles north
im in chico
we got the sierras one one side, and farms everywhere else
and yeah, ive never been rejected after an interview until i moved to here =(
i guess
who the fuck names their town 'boy'
its a neat town actually, its of sad i dont have the money/energy to go out really

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north of sac for last 3 years
like 6 months in topanga before that, which was awesome despite the mean old lady landlord, SB was before that
SB kinda sucked to live in
when i knew i was leaving, i was really excited about going back to visit, tho
its like, people making 100k year packed into houses like illegal immigrant dense
i chose to go with the 100 year old studio apartment
the story is that my apartment in SB was the edge of downtown hotel charlie chaplin owned before he moved over to the montecito inn
its urban as fuck, so comfy
its kind of like, inland oakland in feel

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rab: im 600 miles north of LA, its 37F
i miss LA
tho my buddy threatened to mail me gas money so i could visit

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guys its too cold

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