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fuckin instructor didnt use headguards and now shits a mess

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rab: i think there is chrome login and then everything else
school mail is google based, unlimited google drive space
heh @ a whole class editing a spreadsheet at once, watching all the colored edit boxes fly around
also the weird edit box doesnt know where its supposed to go

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also with multiple users shit can be bit more confusing
and i dont think that interface has stayed consistent

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might just be a rendering/scaling artifact
PDFs do that a lot with vector diagrams
right but my guess is the paths are plotted correctly every fucking time, because just gcode
i have 1000% faith in the ability of a photoplotter to drag an arbitrary shape to form a raster projection
i know for a fact a PC cant scale vector images without looking incompetant
without looking like shit
which is like, every pdf diagram ever, at some random level of zoom
and i wouldnt count on the not overlapping
scaling artifact offset is just silly sometimes
like, you how is the line in the middle of the grid
but right i dont think the issue is the photoplotters, my guess is theyve been virtually bug free since the 80s

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my guess is theyre done as apertures and placed, as opposed to stroked
so like a stamp, dunno tho

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im guessing it only makes a diff for clocks, rf and power

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the more they have to fuck with raw gerbers, the more likely there are to be completely random errors DFM checks would catch
its just vector cad, tho, they can literally do anything
i dont think they gerber standard will change much
its gcode with shape definitions, it doesnt need to be anything more
xp prob dead soon
win2k took a long time to die, but its dead
i only care if im using the shit as a test point
even then i dont so much, pointy dmm leads do right through the mask

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