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rab: are you sure they take diff blades that blue one looks like its overmolded onto one of the flat handles i like
ya looks like i like all the 10-15C ones

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i like those
thats looks cool
stab yourself in the wrist while measurin shit
big handles are weird
thats gonna bump into all the little shield boxes and connectors
sounds messy plus what about whats underneath and other side?
rabs method is what i do and what techs at last 4 places i worked do
yeah but you spray copper bits everywhere plus what if adjacent traces
like, i work on tiny shit
i wouldnt wanna do it on cheap audio shit!
also trace slicing with razors is like SOP for rework

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yeah one cut is NG
gotta remove a section
yeah i can see a bit of copper twisting around, making contact
yeah i miss scapels at work
but the xacto works
ya boom scope is sex
well like
maybe if you angle funny
probably not good for your back
the real ones arent much better
honestly the newer ones basically are china knockoffs
omg thats a horrible looking handle

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