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and you can prob fit a reamer into your hand drill
thats what i was worried about
like if it kinks noticably where theres a drill

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but right in general, tech educations seems to have been killed off by private loan farms
rab: this week in embedded class, teacher connects a binary ladder dac to a speaker without a buffer
hopefully you are being productive and not reading that

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also i think where drilled it wont flat, itll curve more
tho yeah, id prob trust a bunch of shit blackmoon read on forums than materials class shit
some guy did this in the 70s for rocket motors
or some shit
sure they can
move to los angeles
tho those guys gonna be retired in prob 5-20 years, too =(
haa, i bet palmdale/lancaster community college tech is badass and getting better
all those techs and engineers looking for some stash cash

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im like fuck poissons ratio, just drill the shit and measure the hole good and roll it and measure top and bottom diamaters of hole
k so maybe take 1 rings worth, add some length to the end, drill the end, see what the hole does
not sure the forces all the same if you try and test with a little section
we used those for doing materials test samples
you can alternate rolling direction to keep getting it thinning while staying flat
eventually i got a piece of steel to like, split open like split end of a hair
naw they started pretty thin
but the idea of the surface tension pulling the middle apart was pretty neat

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like it might just stretch everything a bit
because youre losing some thickness usually when the material starts to bend, so that stretching might be mnore significant than the inside surface compression from the bending
right but does the circumfrence equal the initial stock length?
you got good caliper and some extra stock?

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but i think probably irl it depends how good you are at roller thing
because its going to stretch more where theres less material
oh damn
ya i missed the part where it was stainless stock
its probably plastic with voids
ha, bondo filler prob makes that stronger
well if thats an option, i think you can center drill the position, or maybe just punch flat, and then roll
and not have to worry about how much the drills will affect the rolling
and how much you have to oversize the drill holes
yeah but might not actually bend uniformly like that in practice

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wot a ring roller
is that like a pipe bender?
oh nice, its the thing with rollers
its in the center?
strength of materials class says in the center, all of those things will happen

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i wouldnt trust that
the usb chargers being 1A at 5V but actually reading the scroll i dont think that matters
tons of them are 500mA 5v but that would actually be better in this case

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williams is still williams tho
one of the midfield drivers said that williams was too far ahead of the midfield
apperently williams has some sort of unfair advantage among the losers
even tho theyre running the oldest driver, and one of the most inexperienced drivers
they just jealous because felipe's team boss so sexy

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that sucks
brits maybe arent even good at racecars anymore
gettin their asses kicked by germans and soft drink companies

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