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shrug, prob just reduces friction a bit in this case
heh, prob a bigger deal in this case vs outright corrosion

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so they dont do real test
is what youre saying
because if first batch was a bit tight, it means they just went with what they got
yeah but maybe it eats the cart contacts over time
with the reg edge connector youd see decent wear on old carts
ya, thats true
honestly that shit you linked looks kinda cheap and like itll break just from its inability to support the insertion forces without flexing
dunno about that, but thats the order of magnitude i would aim for
so like, 200 insertions, minor wear, OK

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and thats verified to not descrot cart pins?

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that is a problem
gonna have to delorean that shit to make it right
thats a normal pitch
its not 2.54mm, but its still a normal pitch
the edge connector?
those things are hella cheap
right the edge connector
just buy it
shrug, i replace them on NES and they dont have alignment issues
no blowing, no wedging
i think i paid $9

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