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juzzy: right, that was who they initially hired

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its kind of a shitty situation because compliance is complicated and everyone wants to hand off the responsibility
at one place, engineering VP was basically shoveling it all on the techs, determining what parts were affected, making sure they were compliant, getting the docs and references
like, bitch this is your responsibility, youre supposed to hire a mfkr gets paid twice as much who doesnt have to support the rest of your engineers at the same time
they hired a guy, and it only showed how clueless they were in interviewing him, they ended up letting him go in a week
consultants who know their shit cost $$$

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blackmoon: ROHS is self certified
like, you basically collect certs for all your parts
so like, big semicorps, its no big deal
but if your china sourcing, the cert docs typically look super shady, photocopied, very chinese
yeah basically
same with safety compliance
you have to find UL/CE/whatever certs (really the associated serial for the document) for all the parts in your mains path
so like, XY caps, transformers, inrush relays and resistors, etc
like, i think the chance of getting audited on all your shit is only real if you get fucked over for something else
but safe practice is to just collect all the docs of find the doc ref in the datasheets

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damn wrong channel
eck0: team boss claire williams (frank williams daughter) is having baby
damn i thought i pasted to #cars

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guys williams is having a babeh!

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