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like why the fuck isnt that titled 'recently documented'

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spice has made it to earth, were fucked now, everyone strung out on wurm poos

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next release gonna be IXXX
i think my way is better fuck romans
thats some dune shit

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right i dunno
this happened to me today too
they made the buttons big by default just to prove they can i guess
wow if ltspice goes subscription im moving to some other planet
fuck earth
same place i think
operation tab in control panel, below bg image
theyre Berners
id laugh if one day it was found that LTspice is basically 100% the product of interns

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theyre not in AppData
it wont accept an empty file for the %USERPROFILE%\.jpg
right so they need to stop coding
outsource it to anyone
youre not being helpful
i regret saying that
fuckit i just gave it a blank bg image where it wants
im kind of really dissapoint
the_gfr|w: LTSpice bg image
rab: did they skip?
i had IV too

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i havent hit new but its going to be a reg bg or im going to call a mfkr up on the phone and bitch
you cant turn it off
but you can set it to a LTSpiceXVII.jpg in your user folder
i dont go in there
ha @ they prob hard coded the win locations or something
Tools > Control Panel > Operation Tab > Background image[*]:
maybe i can just delete them
its native 64b now
no .jpgs
in mine

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switches driving a psu EN input
i think itd be fine for things build with high quality switches, but i think mass production widespread use, it would reduce usb ports to the reliability of digitally enabled miniplugs ports
which is not good
guys wtf happened to LTSPICE
wtf is this watercolor w/ poop steamerpunk bg

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tubaman: jack switches?
that concept is both exciting and terrifying

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guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sApHCsEkzak&ab_channel=%2FDRIVE
koenigsegg talks about stuff ^

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i got 85% on a project for that

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