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timecop: cubemx is kinda really sexy
im like rearrange pin and peripheral config and overwriting existing uvision project and shit just working
even if i was gonna non-HAL a project, just the pinout config/conflict shit is pretty cool
have not tested if writing code outside areas specific for user code in comments is what turned cubemx into ghost process before

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him: what? wtf no circuits THATS NOT AN INDUCTOR
me: i know because is capacitor
him: :\
he doesnt know it but he is researching a precision keef shaker, vibrations guy

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program the thing makes me happy
calculate the stress does not make me happy
maybe fea will make me happy, he says we can use that for project safety factors instead of maths
also im weirding out dynamics teacher because i can figure out mass-spring-damper system like car suspension w/ audio circuit brain
like, spring above and below a mass suspending it between parallel rigid surfaces
springs in series or parallel?
me: parallel because all DC rails look like ground through AC coupling

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works now, forgot to fix mask in the bcd mask so it couldnt do 9 and 10 and also the string was packed backwards and yeah, shift needs to be after checks =(
dunno why, works from 0 to FFF

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yeah im wrong, works now

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yeah i dont want to think about it on 8b, id prob end up doing lots of byte swaps or something
or meh prob like he pseudocoded it
wait i check more values maybe im wrong

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right my code doesnt use arrays it just does it all in the 32b input var
also mine is 12b input so 4 digits
i dont think his algorithm will always work
because it shifts at the end, so if the word length makes it shift 3 bits into the last digit, it wont +3 it
right but you cant expand his code like it is, he kind of says you can
and im doing this on a cortex m, so 32b

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still dunno how it works

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~344 cycles unoptimized, good enough

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he didnt say the math so because magic
i should rename it bin2str
meh, i just put a single char function in it and filename is accurate

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holy shit goofy algorithm works
why, i dunno

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this says YA GO FOR IT!
shrug, most credible electronics and pc come from china
oh i think weve proven to everyone that just about everyone is smareter than us
but like, tomohawk nuclear jezus, or something

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3d makes everything harder
guys should i trust the china module 3.3v LDO with 2S lipo input?

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have it setup like that on my laptop, have uvision 5 and 4 on my desktop, will not clobber anything because i use 5 for stm32
debugger all broke or something in 4 on desktop
instructor bitching me out about comments, her templates have code with matched comments in .c and in .h
except a lot dont match
also were using PLL at 80mhz on a nokia LCD with library comments like 50MHz MAX YO! but it works, shrug
i avoid convos about anything technical with her, but yeah comments like that are fucked up to maintain
blackmoon: http://i.imgur.com/4fLd9qe.gif

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yeah it just tastes like camomile, shrug
some kids at school call the canned shit yurbuh meight
canned shit is $$$, i have tea bags of it
the minty canned shit is super tasty tho
fuckin school using uvision 4, setup required clobbering some shit in an install dir

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cool thats one reg doable on a cortex w/ 12b adc sample

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synth: opinion of yerba mate?
i like it, its like camomile w/ caffeine

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this is a lot of cool shit that doesnt help
fuckit i just do it live

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rab: know any good examples of terminal emulation code for uC?
i cant find the pretty awesome stuff i was reading few months ago
did echo and del/backspace stuff
right i cant find the code i like because >9000 exmples
yeah maybe it was there

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giant can of generic coffee i bought smells kind of like tobacco now

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tried to overwrite a project
shit it turned to ghost, not in task manager
thats not cool ST

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hes prob mounting the pcb with wood screws
i broke cubemx
Generating user source code... progress bar filled up to maybe 20%, back off to 15%, stuck now

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i should really get over that
just hire a marketing guy who doesnt know what im talking about
thats a death issue
yeah you see his shit plugged into the power strip earth?
naw burrs happen

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rab: how come they dont show the back
omg its like half the size i thought
oh because the back is so fucking ugly
because they have no taste sculptor
their product name is cyberpunk, their company name is east coast elite, and their asthetic is inner city redneck
the LEDs should be white or yellow-white
so my problem is i dont want to rip people off

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rab: its like their product name, company name, and design philosophy came from 3 diff marketing agencies
blackmoon: my guess is the dynamics of the stylus cartridge match the dynamics of the machines that cut records
so like, theyre literally ripping people off?
yeah thats really bad for consumer audio
thats some shit you do to a baby monitor
because its really a 15W amp
but the IC manufacturer wanted to bump their results up in parametric searches
but now everyone does it
no oak?
its $3 in output section and prob $10 more in psu
sculptor: it might really be from partexpress
in which case its somewhat credible

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rab: heh @ tonewood prefs on the dark net
their grill looks like a polar pattern art generator
and there you have it
the homie richard liu would say they fucked up at matching their cabinet boards
that the side panel should actually have a bit of step over the rear panel instead of under
that was from the front it would apear to be seamless

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i scanned half the text still dont know their issue
if theyre buying imported transducers and boards they can take their marketing and install it in their ass
if theyre marketing themselves as high quality chinese transducers and electronics in an american wood box, im okay with them
consumers cant afford non asian transducers
tonewood my nuts
anyway, my guess is without amazon they wouldnt have as high a profile
princeton wisconsin?

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if you are illiterate, learn to read or get a text to speech app
right but its the only part that AI will really be helpful for
those can be handled by non abstract procedural rules
bar stock machines are a great example of a mechanical solution for work setup problems
and weapons
money isnt real sculptor
its just something that correlates with power and force
resources and weapons will always due when money fails
typically you automate things based on how people do things

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people people out of shitty jobs is how people can afford to live in our society as it currently stands
*putting people
they want lots of shit and they want it cheap, losing shitty jobs is the solution
CNC is automated
as time goes buy more CNC operation tasks will be automated on cheaper machines
bar stock machine centers are already common and almost dont need an operator
and haas sponsored a project at my school to make a similar stock loading accessory for machines
so floor operators arent going to last much longer, without AI
AI is just going to make the CNC programmers job easier
before it puts that dude out of a job
programming will be limited to CAM employees and shit will be direct CAD to CNC
none of which is required for scanning and bagging groceries

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i think you underestimate the number of bullshit jobs
honestly AI isnt the problem
robots are already waaaaaaaaaay smarter at procedural stuff than people
its more of a mechanics and sense problem
and those are straight forward problems to solve
AI makes shit potentially better, but its not required at all for most automation
AI would prob just piss me off
4 checkout lines, one attendant who doesnt do anything
rab: youre not a fan?
then they would stop or hire security
or make an example of a few people by falling on top of them as they rush the door
plus you would have to fake out the scales
which isnt hard but makes it easier to notice

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