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guys guys GUYS
i found my third spoon

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i think this school stresses group projects because it raises GPA and grad rates
1 to 2 simultaneous group projects per class is retarded
bitches you dont work 5-8 different projects without pay in the real world

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instructor feeds tasks one at a time so planning ahead not really possible, group leader is like SORRY CANT MEET UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE DUE, doesnt allocate any tasks
initially, leader dude decides to do a life critical dam control system with a stepper motor and no feedback
emails people to review, then submits minutes later
like, nice, your pretend project maybe lands you in pretend court for pretend manslaughter
he said because he wanted to do something easy
because algorithms for checking feedback redundancy are cake i guess

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Makefile: What if tab was a function?
fuckin embedded final design project

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blackmoon: yeah thats awesome

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