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so 10-15% low
damn yo
10:12:32 <@BlackMoon> Seems like a good enough reason as any to switch..

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man i gotta labview
time to coffee

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The substantial chassis modification, with the fuel tank size to increase by an expected 15-20 litres, will require it to pass new FIA crash tests.
i think around 100 liters
105kg of fuel per race, fuel is prob around 1kg/l
actually maybe more, thats a rule based limit and i think that car might predate a few years
crazy it could be that low and they could still finish races

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manors first F1 car had fuel tanks too small, CAD or rule interpretation error or some shit
because almost no preseason testing and they always had a tiny budget
i think the entire car was designed in CAD, like they didnt proof of concept much they just built it
Virgin's car for 2010, the VR-01, was the first F1 car designed entirely using CFD computer simulation technology.[7] It was later discovered that the Virgin VR-01's fuel tank was too small, resulting in the team not being able to finish any races unless the cars are driven at a reduced pace to conserve fuel.
second sentence
dunno but my guess is its like 5 to 10%
theyre incredibly accurate on fuel consumption predictions

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haha wtf that shit has 4 tachometers
tho i guess the shift lights arent always a tach they use them in blocks a lot instead of as a meter

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timecop: what specifically?
manors attempt to survive in F1, an abandoned multi million dollar development effort, or that level of technology for racing
or the price for that piece of memorabilia?
blackmoon: and yeah the controls are all color coded to driver prefs
thats a simpler wheel
9 rotary switches on that, mercedes F1 wheel

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i hate group projects, and not getting paid to labview
oh damn, just stumbled on monthly budget spreadsheet from 5 years ago
now i am sad
im like DAMN HOW I SPEND THAT MUCH IN A MONTH then noticed the $800 in savings box
entirely forgotten concept

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northern cali and oregon coast is similar, plus insane beach cliffs

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and so many fern things

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i really like the pac nw
i doubt thats the first time ive said that in here
heh, its crazy dense vegetation in a lot of places, like there is no 'walk through the forst'
tho theres stuff in the mountains thats pretty much just redwoods and blackberry bushes w/ hiking trails

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i dont like going in the ocean, theres sharks and rocks
i like being there, tho
is like standing at the end of the world
i seen that in catalina, hawaii, and puget sound
tho catalina pathogen levels are supposedly off the charts
puget sound was like, stand on a pier and look into 20 ft deep water, see a clear jellyfish at the bottom
right, just practice
wouldnt doubt it

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friend who used to live here says they used to just kick it sitting in the middle of the street like it was a front porch
college town in rural northern california
college is prob like 20% of the population
i miss the beach
i dont think ive been since spring break over a year ago
river really isnt the same

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jezus fuck, 'What's wrong with state of New England?' 'We don't have a state named New England?'
fuck i need to get out of here
blew off a couple classes to finish the design section (it's 'dead week', kids revolt if real work is assigned before finals so its become policy wtf?)
dead week is some bullshit
well, if it was a week named after you id be fine with that
spring break, everyone goes home, so they use chavez day a week later to party until no progress is made
breaks are awesome because its super quiet

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For example, In the state of New England alone there are over 50 dams scheduled for relicensing in the next decade (The Future of Dams).
i dont even

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watching group editing in google docs, mostly they seem to be concentrating on the section that indicates their contribution

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its low side off the 3.3 so i guess when undriven the rail is driving the motor through the LED
so like, 2k across 1V to drive a darlington into a 500mA motor
so that explains that part

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right its doing that but there is trash on a pwm pin and it already burnt out one of my pwn bjt
have not seen
shorting nrst directly to ground produces same behavior
i wonder if the LED on the motor PWM is low side from the unregulated rail
the led on the module

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resetting perfectly with button now
is one of those little rectangle china tacsw
im angry now i have no time for correctness
i guess an important question is why does it spaz out when reset is held low
should it do nothing with shit hiz?
i would think so

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im resetting it fine at like 5hz with the button now
(beeps on powerup)
but i got 4 wires for VCC and 4 for GND
ZIF breadboard
lever per row
comb style contacts per row so not effected by adjacent pin width
this is so annoying everything else worked fine
maybe it need a switch

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yeah with reset button down the pwm pin flickers and motor cant go
it gets stuck in that state
and yeah sometimes in reset state the motor will go, but not at full speed
now it works fine with butan but not at all with battery reconnects
maybe its the fucking solderless breadboard
cant afford perfboard =(

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fuckin weird
i dunno i never reset it before
actually off the 5v psu i think it powered on fine
so maybe its the battery
if the vreg isnt fake it should be fine, and it seems cool, maybe the Vin cap is only 6.3V, its a 2S battery

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board alone was doing same shit
so i dont think its external shit
100uF on the nRST and it resets everytime, but pwm pin still at some intermediate voltage, led flickers, motor stalled out
like, there is a half second of limbo before clean reset
does not help battery reconnection powerup reset

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im not sure reset inhitbit will even help it does the same thing with butan reset
shit, did not dump a cap before putting on reset pin, think i killed it
luckily i have more

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yeah longer button presses work better than short ones
i dont want to do a reset inhibit circuit
i need single 3v inverter

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shoved a battery on it 10 times, i reset fine like 8 times

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its not just jumped?
boot0 is on a jumper on this thing

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china module has 10k pullup on nRST, prob 0.1uF to ground cant measure in circuit
two modules same shit
i wonder if i killed the Vin cap feeding with 2S lipo instead of 5V
the vreg should be fine
its like get stuck in some half reset mode and my motor pwm pin is marginal and it burned out a 2n2222 on stalled motor
i wonder if the button is shit
rst transistions are pretty sharp on the scope, rail holds up fine and doesnt have shit on it

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also the labview salesman, er instructor, will mention that this shit takes way too much time, then just kinda shrugs
this is also the guy that says i should just know how to MATLAB because i can C
im about to write an email to the dean with him copied asking him to stop saying that to mechatronic majors because its become a joke
and what they need to say is that were studying two fields that both expect us to know MATLAB in 3 year courses and beyond
and if we want to succeed, we will need to spend the 20 to 100 hours to learn the shit on our own without academic credit
yeah i told him if i was going to learn shit on my own id just learn how in python
timecop: how come my shit isnt resetting on powerup half the time

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time consuming
anyway, this is just some last minute design project, should have been a semester project
because they had a meeting and decided to impliment the cross functionality ABET asked for in this class
that sucks
still got a D?
and yeah im not working on my ME design project because of these jokers

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i just told dude that im not trying to be rude but the design part was the hardest part, we had a week to do it and should have used all week, because proposal and specification were done the previous two weeks in prev assignments
so ya, it is what it is
it looks like a random disconnected hack because it is
macegr: that is kinda neat for then
and then
codehakr: everything is owned by school except sponsored projects
sponsors get IP and liability

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throws all the diagrams i made in, but they dont reference or explain them
codehakr: yup
thats how it always goes down
1 or 2 people do all the work
but it raises avg GPA

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man fuck group projects
had a week, due tonight, project leader is like WE ARE ALMOST DONE ALL IS LEFT IS THE DESIGN SECTION
bullshit, intro, research, conclusion, a hardware specification which i wrote myself so its decent
group reviews are part of the project, team leader was specifically supposed to discuss skillsets and allocate
instead he pulls a I CANT WORK ON THIS UNTIL SUNDAY and expects everyone to do it last minute because he cant work on it
like, one guy does some bounouli equation for reservoir flow that doesnt even matter for our implimentation
and its backwards, it dumps out the bottom through like a pipe instead of a gate releasing from the top

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