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i asked photoshop teacher, what is the actual command for the thing she is like WHAT NO PRESS ALT ???
whenever i try and imagine photoshop people using cam software, there is a lot of squeeling and facedesk
like, what led to this concept of undo undoes undo
could they have just make another command called flipback or some shit
gotta hold hown like three keys to undo more than once
this shit is so bad i want to gimp

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fuck man why dont photoshop layers have a rude solo switch
is there one?
i feel like how is there not one
alt+eyeball button
i dont see anything in the context menu

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yeah ammo was cool
i had gun and armor smith maxed out too, takes some pretty random shit to make a gun
straight avacado snorkel corkscrew shit

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someone should make a thing that provides a common pan/zoom/translate interface for all 2d and 3d apps

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wait wtf
85 was for the fuzz truck silloette, she gave me 95 for the final fuzz truck submission
now i feel bad because i did it in like 3 hours before it was due =(

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heh, fallout is the second google reference, <3
'annex canadia' directly associates with memory of two assholes in body armor executing some canadian

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i think its almost time to move to canada
go to the canada, have a couple joints, wait for this whole thing to blow over
aw fuck dude i wont even bitch
i dont even what id do if i had a family
tubaman: you know, as an agnostic, i dont really think theres any reason why i couldnt say that
well, it will for awhile until they annex canada

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she has this hillside landscape shit she did behind her name and office hours on the course portal thing
i would pay her for work
like, ive had creative moments but i dont make work, thats someone else job. my job to help make sure some of them have a job

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i think i showed you my cat fuzz truck, i got an 85 for that
its like, irl i make money and give it to you when i cant afford it so you can make art things for me
yeah i can do okay with photoshop for stuff like that
im like, i dont understand how just make it messy and kind of wrong?
her: hmm yes do that
like, cmon im square peg here obviously i understand this shit work with me

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jero32: i wish my embedded teacher was like my photoshop teacher
i guess opposite situation, shes nice and i have no idea what im doing
'i dunno just tell me which one and what to do i dont get these are words i dont know how to be creative at colors =( =( =('
she seems okay with that

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i should have listened to exgf and went to the dean immediately
shrug, i sit on it a day and send email response to her tomorrow, with dean copied
in any case, id rather have this out in the open, i dont think she be treating students like that
its not like all of them have had professional engineers telling them to go to school because they have an engineering mind for close to a decade
so maybe they take it personal
and the 'i would fire you' shit is pretty weak
irl, being fired by her would be a welcome blessing, plus a trip to the beach

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i did something that works one way you read the spec
she pointed out the line that overrides my assumption, so i redid it taking the line she pointed out literally
which produced behavior neither of us liked, but was what the spec literally said
when she asked how i could write it so it wasnt anbiguous, i told her two ways
she did not like that, said i didnt have an engineering mind because an engineering mind would understand anyway

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she know it too, because when i started saying my grade she started waving her hands around inches from my face while saying 'no! no! no! no!'
fader pot to adc to lcd readout
pot travels 20mm but only changes value for about 3/4 of that
like 2.5mm deadzone on both sides
so i can probably think of four ways to deal with it
her way wouldnt work
im not sure what she wants
i did take out the dead zones, and limit the measurement range of the pot, and she was not happy with the linear fit equation
its linear af in its usable range, linear fit is kind of overkill i got the same slope to 3 sig figs just using min and max values
she suggested just moving the pointer
i dont see how that does anything except increase the deadzone on the scale
well, it offsets it
anyway, same shit happened with her stop light spec

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deadzone denial continues
i try and explain why i did it the way i did it, based on what she said last week, and she kept stating to move the pointer to kill the deadzone
without moving the actual pot lever from the max position
effectively increasing the dead zone as read on the scale
so i didnt want to get into the same circular discussion, asked for her to just takes points as she saw fit so i could go home
i did this because i felt the situation was getting pretty toxic, which was confirmed by her saying i was arguing with her when i was aswering her questions
she then said i had to speak with her respectfully because she speaks to me respectfully
...after saying she would fire me after a 3 second code review from 6 ft away, saying i didnt have engineering mind because i took her prompt too literally after not taking it literally enough the week before, after her trying to shame me about my exam grade in front of the entire lab class
which was just kind of silly, because my grade was way more than average

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jero32: ambiguous
rab: if you wanted to write a number that was +/-5, thats one way to do it
not a very good way
jero32: this would be an argument for scientific vs engineering notation
but whatever fuck those guys, things should be *10^3n
man i dont want to do group project presentation

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