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kinda true =\
haha @ they get murray walker off the cieling

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im just sad theyve mostly killed education and arts
we wont keep our edge like we have in the past, i feel like were weathered down to, ya well fuck you because nukes
and the world wont stand for that forever
if we tac nuke, well be occupied or destroyed
and if were not, it means MAD is over and limited nuclear war is on the table
and that scared me even more than global nuclear war
trump doesnt want shit except love and money
and hes not very good at getting lover
like, if we tac nuke, the world will stand still for a sec, and if were not occupied, or were not showered with nukes, weve entered a world were you city maybe just gets vaporized today
and thats like, orders of magnitudes more fear than weve ever dealt with as a global culture

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bad shit
you know i never thought of it that wat
i think its a very good way of explaining how hard i think fixing the current situation is
its going to take generation or two, again
we were close but the truth is republicans are naturally better at this because they naturally group think
weve become iran in the 70s
once trump falls, i hope people oppose pence with the same amount of, i dunno, something
sadly words may not be enough so maybe it takes letting them get fucked over enough by the right to swing the pendulum back
thats where its heading now

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this is 100% inline with what ever korean i talked to in SK felt about conflict with NK
no one wants it, and they want to integrate economies so when they do reunify, its not so costly and chaotic and not so much re-educating of starved drugged crazies

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08:02:32 < m3h> bottas is a top driver renesis, kimi is a number 2 to seb
kimi is like, 15+ years in F1
hes in F1 after taking a break to be like, fuckit lets rally and maybe oval track truck racing
so yeah, mfkr is at ferrari when most drivers are 10 years washed up, mfkr is fast
also by definition if kimi is not winning, the car is not well developped

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engineering software + lunix is difficult
not impossible
but its uphill for sure compared to windows

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03:04:07 < TubaMan> renesis: i'm betting that someone of "diversity" is required to be in that position
i can check that box
they prob want someone with a nothing schedule

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nice, put 4 job applications into student association ADP web thing (HR service)
doesnt say which application gets rejected, ADP application history lists all apps as submitted but nothing more
get two phonecalls after about setting up job interviews

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rx and tx are swapped?
shrug, cut traces and swap
how do you think products ship?
sculptor: STM32 usart im using has pin swap
came in handy so i could keep going without fixing it for awhile
jero32: right im saying your support group already exists
theyre called lab techs and assemblers

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they just make what you tell them
all their checks have to do with manufacturability, traces not too small or too close together, drills above a certain size, stuff like that
they dont care about your design
so you cancel the order if you dont think you can make it work
if they already started the order, you may have to pay for all or some of it
and most sane solution might be a small pcb that adapts the chip to your footprints
for ptototyping stuff, i would just deadbug the chip somehow
typically if the boards are already being fabbed, you just take the PCBs and do what you can with them
you ROI rework vs a new run, if there is even time for a new run
flipped connector footprints is incredibly common
even with pretty experienced engineers

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what do you mean?
like you cancel an order?
sounds like 1st run rework and running changes to me

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