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tecan: which is basically like not getting enough sleep

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heh, how do you know that?
i dunno if anything has ever gotten caught in my appendix to my knowledge
cheater: or something
abilify is anti depressants?
they do
so keep in mind, their first attempt to use something for anti depressant increased suicide rates in kids
is that how the dr explained it?

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ha, fuck risperedal
that shit just takes you out, cant have mental health issues if youre either sleeping or half asleep all the time
fucks up vision, too
you just have to decide to stop hitting yourself
because not hitting yourself is better than being on risperedal and dealing with psych drug slingers
or you can be sleepy forever plus vision problems
it gets old

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coffee doesnt do that to me
maybe you have an unrelated eyeball problem

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you should join the dark side
because games
wonder if pcb edge routing noise is driving neighbor nuts

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hmm dunno what flatcam wants to do board outlines
fuck this i just do it live
tecan: why dont you just play ksp

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ha so i was like, wax does the same thing
like if too hot itll bounce around without vaporizing
like, boils and hops
then i realized its literally rosinn
i wonder if they could make hemp solder flux
the internet doesnt know what im talking about
i should patent rinaow

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'907' or '936' clones will usually take hakko 936/fx88 tips
pretty good buys
worth the research to buy something takes hakko or weller tips
the irons dont matter so much, the tips do
the irons mostly work or dont, youre paying for reliability and maybe accuracy
right youre going to be adjusting it regardless

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not horrible either
prob a drop shipper
woah wait what
freevalve is the throttle body
in the vid i link, koenigsegg explains freevalve penumatic drivetrain, i think hes saying they do throttle with the valves

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kevtris: thats to like slide pins to actuation other cam rockers
it doesnt actually drive the valves
it switches over to another cam basically
or drives a seperate valve
sec i get the koenigsegg video
kevtris: ^ no cams
shawn|i7-: shrug, read the feedback hes got a bunch
yeah koenigseg somehow made their head smaller with the pneumatic actuators

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they might drop hybrid in f1
well, they might a lot of things, new corp owners took over from a dictator
no i think they are
fully electronic, i think they still have cams
not sure tho
the control systems are heavy
and not super reliable, i think is the issue
i think its usually electronics valces for hydraulic or pneumatic
coils prob too hot, lossy
because they prob have a hydrauliuc pump for something anyway

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heh, its part of the formula
i think the ratios might be fixed, they have 8 gears now, i think revs are lower, maybe 14krpm
in the v10 era they were up to like 18krpm
yeah like a fuckin motorcycle
nowadays they sit on top of the batteries for energy recovery
and they recover from the drivetrain and the turbo
no i dont think so
there was a lot of prep when the sport went hybrid, i dont think there were more than minor shocks at first
yeah they can fix spool up problems with it
so i think turbo recovery and electronic valve trains are whats going to get gas motors to next level of efficiency
keonigsegg has an electronic valve systems on their exotic thing

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if alonsos whole indy team DNFs, we know for sure hes cursed
otherwise, hes already won monaco, i hope he WECs and does indy500 every year
he said he likes the new cars, tho
and he managed to get the gp2 honda engine to 7th in qual yesterday

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yeah i think hell do well or just crash out doing something awesome
i dont think he can afford to do indy full time
he prob just goes to renault
or maybe back to ferrari
but vettel and alonso just seems like a lot of punting
i think kimis career is almost over anyway
unless he wants to race for a mid team, he might
kimi + alonso @ renault would be a PR win
they could lose every race and still have most the fans

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imagine if he actually got an indy win with a honda engine
not sure i think theres a few engines and a few spec chassis
theyre basically the same
i watched a bunch of race endings, its alot crazier than nascar
The current, fourth-generation IndyCar formula was presented in 2012. The engines are now 2.2-liter twin turbo V-6's putting out estimated 550–700 hp depending on the level of boost used. They are limited to 12,000 rpm. Engines are currently supplied by Chevrolet and Honda.
spec engines, two makers
and looks like dalara makes all the chassis
haas f1 is dalara
yeah totally
this will be good for alonso
f1 is like pinnacle of cometition engineering

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ross is just a smart guy pushing the rules
wonder if lowe brings williams back to podiums
too late this year
haha @ felipe situation
i prob cried for the guy too
everyones gonna cry again when he retires again
button gone kind of sucks, as far as nice guys
him @ monaco and alonso @ indy gonna be fun few days
this is my post finals bday present
itll stream for sure online
motorports subreddits pushed all the stream posts to one motorsport stream subreddit, so its pretty easy to watch all sorts of stuff now
i definitely want to watch both
i think alonso has a change to podium, hes pretty smart at tires and fuel

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anyway, i blame whatever management structure created the new NSX vs the old NSX
i want bottas to win drivers and ferrari to win constructors
i guess i am over being butthurt about schumacher kicking mclarens ass for 5 years
they do, but it might not be the same race to race
like, they def do team orders
i hate that shit but they got sponsors and want the constructors
i hated ross brawn over taking barrichellos wins (he made it up with the brawn gp shit, tho)
and yeah, basically brawn gp is dominating the sport
which is honda
yeah i never hated him personally, i couldnt stand schumacher

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red bull has newey
ya i think hes working on some road car shit?
i dunno but he did the recent upgrades
anyway, its not hopeless
its just almost hopeless
and soon to be mathematically hopeless
its a red bull project?
yeah so he probably got board
but everyone likes the new rules and guy prob doesnt like seeing ricciardo trash his car in interviews
that would make me feel bad want to do better
anyway i dont think mclaren can drop honda
i think dennis was right they needed a works engine to win championships
but obviously he picked the wrong factory, legendary race team, legendary motorsport engine builder, literally last place
3 years in, honda i posting job ads in racing magazines

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their attemps to avoid budget caps are kind of tragic
zak supposedly has ties to cosworth
honda failed at retro glory
like, 3 times
mclaren cosworth would be pretty rad
supposedly they did a prototype based on last set of engine regs, which are basically this set of engine regs
i think dennis was right
but i think dennis was too into the road cars to manage the f1 team
like everything for the image, at some point forgot he also had to manage the race car team
right but they would have never gotten a competitive engine from mercedes
3 teams have a chance at constructors, three diff engines
and then a gap, and then midfield customer engines, thats not a coincidence
red bull, and its a slim to impossible shot
it will be in a few races
thats about a second a lap
thats within luck/strategy range

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those werent the funniest kimi moments, like mostly leftovers
i think alonso actually finished the race
so theres that
sad but that is progress
theyre doing worse than 2015
no they had finishes i think, no points so
i dont think theyve had both cars finish
well you cant really make sauber much worse
theyre like this eras minardi
for awhile there was like suck team competition

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while doing pcb while half asleep
the random kid crying when kimi crashed, and same kid hanging out with kimi after was highlight
raikonnen, most popular driver in the sport, also one of the oldest now, currently #2 driver at ferrari

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meh, excellon drills files are useless
pcb gcode pops out both files, and i drills first, and do more difficult side first, so yeah bottom drills always been a thing
ya gonna steal ma paste!

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rab: do you machine two sides boards?

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i think pcb-gcode popped out two files, one for drilling from the bottom and one from the top
and considering a single sided board is mostly worked on from the bottom, drilling with the bottom side up is maybe way more common
if you have your original bottom left, itll flip all your X coordinateds negative, mirrored bottom drill
anyway i think this is a bug
because the dialog for excellon drill is almost identical to the one for mach2/3, they probably didnt point the export button to the gcode function

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and now its exporting excellon integer shit instead of inch floats
i just checked it didnt do that before
export doesnt work but export all does
drill from the bottom side
so like, export output excellon format coordinates, and export all got me gcode coordinates
ive drilled from whatever side is appropriate?

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i dont get really get it because it populates the tool list with the right drills and does a header and stop code, but it doesnt put any drill coordinates
timecop: why does your shit suck
hmm i guess layer refers to the one the part is sitting on and you click mirror to do bottom drills so you have to export both layers

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...and mach2/3 drill output is now exporting empty files
neat now you can drill the things
im trying but now i guess i cant
fucked, was working an hour ago

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timecop: gcode drill output, theres a drill depth parameter that has mm for units even when in inches mode
confirmed it exports as inches
besides that everything seems to work

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02:53:57 <@Rab> The Clausing lathe has a clever ejection mechanism that keeps the drawbar head captive, so spinning it backward loosens and ejects the collet.
i think the bridgeports i used all did that
like there is a giant eclip on the drawbar shaft or something

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right, getting the gibs more more contact area
*bit more
you can tell it was made for production shit, what i do with it doesnt even really effect it, prob last enough 10+ years
fuckin F1 race, never enough sleep every other sunday

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<3 the taig
ref my fixture on the back edge of the table pressing up against some parallels
check ref edge of the fixture with a wiggler, Y points like 6" apart along X, within .001"
greycz was an asshole but his taste in little cnc was okay
yeah it seems to have gotten better with age, like same performance but less issue with stick in the ways locking shit up at high rapids
and it handles crashing into its limits or spindle stalling out and skipping the steppers like whatever

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looked at all my pyramid bits with a loupe, only one looks like .008" capable now, but the worn ones still have shape edges, like they chip away at roughly same angle, 3 diff bits, just at diff lengths up the tip
*sharp edges
the half/quarter rounds kind of wear into a progressively smoother radius
they all seem to stop chipping/wearing around .016 space/trace capable

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those are sexy
rab: those are so weird!
and i mean chuck mechanisms in general, not jacobs vs glacern
k gotta clean up mini cnc, do a pcb

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rab: ya lack of THP is getting old
eck0: woh
tho yeah, milling = PCB for free because i still have a fuckton of pcb blanks that fit my fixture

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