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pretty sure most modern resistors are
not 100% on that

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nardil: there is an app note
page 25

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cubemx ate main.h defines
i dont think the HAL shit is really worth it

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theile-small variables for speaker stuff are pretty okay, its all two letter subscripts that follow a convention for electronic, mechanical, and system properties

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blackmoon: so the annoying shit, besides greek symbols, is that they will reuse variables
like, K is 30 diff things
like, bitches can you not subscript?
tho, they do that a lot to
k, little break than find some 0805 0.1uF, then 5 more SMD parts and PCBA is done
its assume that theyre standard but theyre really not
like, sometimes safety factor is SF, sometimes its N
but N is also number of cycles
and 20 other things

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synth: https://www.osti.gov/scitech/servlets/purl/10157028
re: 6061-T6 fatigue strength
curve is out to 10^9 cycles

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nice, glue-guned a panel jewel for my LED

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i think CDs, double stick tape to stack, and some sort of bungee to clip top CD
least my PCB holder will have a caffeine frenzied jamaican vide

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i have a paper shopping bag full
is all friend girl shit, reggae and old ska
i cant flat because parts already installed
so i been doing table edge and free hand and solder hand pinkie
and somehow tweezers
i guess i am just holding with free hand pinkie
rab: naw i fuckin hate those things i stole the BU60 alligators from it and who knows where the rest is
right i dont think i do, maybe i junk wire bin
but thats pretty much where i was going with snap hose, which i also dont have
i know i have at least one free alligator, because roach clip

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i almost always use pdf versions =(
right thats kind of what im trying to figure out
oh shit CDs
i dont know why i still have these most of them wouldnt rip
i can stick coffe mug on top or something
double stick tape them together
need like a 4" tall stack
or tape
i got kapton tape yo
i could repair a satellite if i needed to
tape the top cd down
i just need it to hold it flat its not going to be loaded
rab: right i think i might even have those, but i cant think of way to use them they wouldnt be like jabbing at me while i work
i might just be remembering them from work
i definitely have a collection of HF grabby tools
maybe i would make something with snap hoses
i thought of that, lots of labor and itll crush
CDs are better

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rab: ghettofab ideas for pcb vise?
maybe i can use a clamp to clamp a clamp that grabs board by edges through some rubber or foam
i have sexy aluminum fixture to hold flat with open bottom on cnc
yeah i feel like this is pretty application specific
fucking have a RA serial usb module sticking out of the board
oh hmm maybe i can just grab that in machine vise
oh, no because i have cable wrapped half around it
i need like, pcb jack stands
oh i think that would work
but right i have no extra cash right now
its a 2x2 board so between some books would be hard to get iron in
but not a bad idea maybe can work with that
i have books but they are almost ornamental =(

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all I foods start with ice italian island or isreali
oh well

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din41622 is too confusing, 30 pin three row has offset but 39 pin has none
maybe din 41622 is just the blade contact and people do what they want
prob not
there is offset on like half the pins in that row
well, assuming the 3 row spacing is same same as 2 row, which maybe bad assumption
rab: i think its the gab that makes original pin confusing
because theres like 3 diff spacings at lead
these are not I foods cheater

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he got the one with the guys voice instead of the girls voice
it does order it informs
sometimes incorrectly
70mph on freeway, YOUR DOOR IS A JAR
yeah but hes right only half the row is staggered in the sculptor link
people got annoyed with you because you wouldnt say
and damn, touchy about flux i didnt know you were in a non kester friendly zone
i got some potato breads
i think its time for pre final bacon guac onion tomato thing
wait i can put garlic
guys i need an I
for my bad sandwich name

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weird, no offset
rab: volvos dont have some bimetallic spring?
he said cars, so i assumed
ah, he actually said all my vehicles, so i assume even more
you got a woody?
thats so ew
my dad had a vinyl wood le baron

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cheater: so what is the connector?
are you going to be helpful or are you just going to be a dick
yeah has same offset and almost same solder loops
this one got double holes but offset and blades look same
they stopped playing that?
seems germans use it

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the ones that youre more likely to rip apart using silver solder vs leaded
where the fuck do you even get that
rab: looks like a key for car shit or just old shit
i didnt say it was i said thats what it looks like
like some shit that plugs into back of a fuse box

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eh car shit is like that
but im saying with random ass spacing
because they can afford custom and theyre dumb at electronics
takes years tho
and sometimes does nothing, shrug
how does flux core keep you from using flux before?
i didnt use special solder for 0201
so why would you dislike flux core solder because you also use solder and also solder 0201
its like you are trying to rip the caps apart

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