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are you being a dick?
stop being a dick

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yeah seriously none of the native english speakers in here care

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because different fields of science
countableness is fair, even if its not dictionary
thats how americans make new words
the brits taught us how
cheater: like if you were talking about the fields of science, you could say something about 'a science' to reference one vs all situations in a non specific way
and ya im from the west coast, so we probably sounds the most stoked out of all
whats that ref?
i dont think you made that up you have never been that funny
cheater: stroked

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sculptor: honestly it just made you sound more like a person of irc
install the wire: 0.05 sciences
im not even sure what an article is

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standard outlet and running an earth and new lines is the best solution
in you cloth insulation case, itll mean $$$ and time
but in the case of the single odd outlet, its a few hours and maybe $30

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the wiring insulation might be fucked
i mean if its after a breakeer you should be fine if something happens
right i wouldnt run power through that shit
even if it was fine for the last 60 years
haha, brave
09:25:58 <@renesis> its probably fine, but i wouldnt risk it
thats generally how i feel about old shit
like, i thought my tek tube scope was pretty cool, and im like ya its old wires but tektronix is smart people who knew their shit
then rab is like, oh ya those ceramic blocks will absorb the silver in the solder and set your house on fire
so like, even electronics legends cant do it right 50 years out, im not trusting some electrician trying to save a buck

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if it has a center screw you maybe dont even have to hack it with a wire and ring terminal
oh shit wtf is that
definitely for something wall mounted
im guessing a clock
i would plug it with one of those plastic baby safe things and put something over it
it would be neat to use it for something but i wouldnt trust the plastic its made out of or the contacts to not be resistive from corrosion
its probably fine, but i wouldnt risk it
if youre going to replace it id just do a standard outlet, shrug
apartment or house you can get into the attick or basement or whatever?
right youd maybe have to run it
your idea seems pretty safe if you cant do that
yeah i mean check with someone local who knows his electrical shit
but that seems pretty safe and to code

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how many volts?
if its 240v and youre in the US, its probably for an A/C if anywhere near a window
tons of apartments ive lived in have a 240v like that, including current place
but since ungrounded, maybe just for a lamp, shrug
pretty sure all the a/c outlets ive seen have been grounded
is your place very old?
ha ya maybe
yeah its just leftover, maybe for a lamp or who knows
wall mounted clock or who knows
ive only seen outlets like that in garages
sculptor: i dont even know if you can buy 2 prongs here anymore
do you want to use it?
get a cheater plug and actually use it as intended
youd be like the only one

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blackmoon: haha
special powers: generating high frequency vibrations
but yeah i read the ld50 and noted i had much more than that and decided to not play with the caffeine powder
i think i did like 1/4 teaspoon

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ha i have caffeine powder
shit scares me

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jero should coffee

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as light as that bike was, i was so scared of my carbon forks shattering while hitting bumps going downhill
thats one reason i like bmx hardware
for the weight, shit is pretty rugged
ha yeah

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germans dont fuck around, automotively speaking
theyre just starting to in moto gp
not active aero, but just aero
his bike hardware was probably 10x the cost of your bike, too

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ill use my emergency flashers too
my turn signals are red
if someone tailgates, ill blink them twice with my emergency lights
i like red turn signals but its an aesthetic thing
ive flashed tailgaters in cars with amber turn signals
it works 90% oif the time, and the other 10% at least you know the guy following is a huge asshole
its not random, here theyre red or amber
in think most of europe uses white marker lights in the front of the car
and amber turn signals
we use amber marker lights

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3k in top gear is 65mph
because redline in top gear is 130mph
the neat thing about it being geared that low is that it will get above 110 pretty quick, and you can hit 130 on a not too long stretch
not that i would know from personal experience, ofc
right because for fuel efficiency
is why the throttle is so boosted you only use a few mm in normal driving
anything past a few mm isnt really a throttle input as much as a suggestion to the ECU about what performance mode it should eventually switch into
shrug, wouldnt be too hard for you
i want to make a brake switch bypass w/ accelerometer
to my brake lights go on when i engine brake
because they dont and someone will eventually rear end me
but fuck those people my brakes last forever, i save em for canyons
yeah i do taps on my brakes to warn people
or will tape to simulate brake checking tailgaters
my bad, tapp

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also there are no great driving roads for like 30 miles
but its a good car
tries very hard
maybe it will be happier with new owner because new owner will drive it more
i walk by it every day and car is like CMON LETS GO PLAY and i has to ignore it
i think my car misses mountain roads and coastal highway drives
i think car feels far from home, like me
my car spends most of its time above 3krpm
like, 3.5krpm is my 'okay to downshift' threshold
and i downshift every fucking time i slow down
i usually dont hit my brakes until below 15mph
mines 6
im above 5 almost every downshift to compression brake

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naw you can make a little tongue size life support system
just buy some tongue juice
blackmoon: i meant like a little blood pumps but i guess you could just graft it to a mouse
dog tongue seems all wrong
those people already have a solution
i dont want to sell my car
but then i have to stop school and get real job

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why engineer it when you can just hire timecop to make it
anyway, she told my group partner she doesnt remember testing the fader pots after pulling them from 3 lab setups
instructor has personal issues or something
judiciary services guy said this wasnt uncommon with older students
they got them setup like vending machines or something?
i still feel like sex toy killer app is making an accurate tongue
prob easiest solution is to just grow a tongue in a lab you can electro-neural interface with
blackmoon: thats pretty much what i mean by accurate

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also agreed i made the best decision by walking out of the lab when she kept interrupting me after asking questions
because she herself said that i was arguing the way i answered her questions
and im 37 fucking year old im not trying to have arguments over fader pot deadzone
yeah theyre neat but theyre $$$
prob cheaper now because so many digital consoles
slip clutches i think
i think its done a few ways, on some ive seen belts so maybe just a pulley that slips or who knows
i dont think theyre all like that tho
so it doesnt break your thumbs!
yeah i seen something with a smooth belt, shrug
i dont think its very standard tech
i think some have like a rack and you can just backspin the motor

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which was way high, and other students know that because im pretty open about my grade and im one of the people fucking up the curve
she cant discuss students grades in front of other students
dx^: last lab was literally a disagreement over dead zone in the pot
the previous week, she didnt know it existed
she pulled the pot from my lab setup and two other groups to measure it herself
at the ends
its on purpose
its too make sure you can hit min and max values for sure, its bigger on cheaper pots
it was about 2.5 mm on these pots, on each side
so 20mm pot was really only 15mm of resistance change
dx^: anyway, she said she fire my while reviewing the second lab because comments
when we reviewed my submitted first lab, their was more comments than code so wtf
also, wtf fire me, first instance? not, her try to comment more, not hey this is my commenting standard, just YOURE FIRED
so i said it would be a blessing and a trip to the beach to be fired
she said this was proof of me being disrespectful
i said i dont agree, anyone who would fire someone over something like that with no attempt to correct the situation otherwise shows a ton of disrespect for hiring resources
and that the companies priorities are out of wack, and that moving on would be the most positive thing
anyway, the juidiciary services guy agreed

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blah blah blah, she refers to student juidiciary services
today, they basically apologized to me for her behavior, and guy said he would talk to the department chair to make sure she doesnt try and retaliate in any way
so ya, engineering school is annoying
there were a lot of specific issues, but the reason i brought it to the attention of the department head was because i pointed out an ambiguity in her lab spec, she asked me how to word it better, i immediately responded with two ways to improve it
she didnt go 'nice catch' like most instructors, she said 'you dont have an engineering mind, if you had an engineering mind i would understand anyway'
ya this is how it ended
then when i noted that i have an engineering lab techs mind, and that finding engineer's problems was literally my job for like 7 years, shes like
so i answered, what about it it was like 70% (waaaay above class average)
and while im saying 70%, she runs at me like NONONONO waving her hands around in front of my face
so she broke confidentiality policy and instantly regretted it
also she gave me 10% of points for my last lab because 'this is completely wrong'
gave lab partner almost full points for the lab next day
same code, same system
jero32: it was 70%

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i wonder if that turret moves
or they just like, turn the whole ship
guys im going to sell my car to buy kerbal space program because my pirat version is kinda hack for specific group server
i guess with leftover money i can pay rent and bills through summer
like 3 more semesters
you know whats annoying?
when they kids introduce themselves in group presentations like 'hi im me im a [this type] of engineer'
like, bitches youre not done yet
if i dont call myself that shit, you shouldnt be
dx^: also, yes
i walked out of an embedded systems lab, after asking teacher to just take my points so i could go home

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er RVs
where does fire happen?
jero32: happening in serority districts every weekend until the end of timew
compressor on bottom because no one wants to bend over to store food
heh @ hydrogen
mrtube had that vintage fridge with legs and the compressor coil on top
but people would just break those moving them i think
oh because bombs and war
k makes sense
blackmoon: damn takes awhile to spot the flame

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im pretty sure all related markets self regulate to that level
like, if it was an outright loss people would stop buying homes and they know that
butane is super common industrial coolant
i love that temp
dx^: wtf, so lets put it in a plastic box and sell it to homeworners for recreational use?
fucking laws
how do they work?
tru dat
wait so instead of a compressor
they just put fire on it?
fuckin RCs

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blackmoon: heh
jero32: maybe we should just glue their falopian tubes shut
sculptor: i remember that as him dropping them at a bus stop
dx^: this seems to be common statement from literally every homeowner
dx^: long term its probably net positive
but not like, an income positive
that sounds right

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silicone penist armor
hes still alive, ive seen him on freenode
hes still an ass
that just sounds like a shitty hack for medical research grant money
still sounds like a useless research money hack
jero32: this is just putting glue in vas deferens
pretty sure this is not the solution

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jero32: theres potential issues but i assure you this happens all the time without more than normal relationship problems
of course
which is why rules concerning love can be pretty stupid
if the people are both of consenting age and their isnt issues regarding special treatment, im cool with it
issues regarding special treatment arent specific to relationships
ya my mom didnt care as long as i wasnt making babies happen
and i bet now she wishes i had made a baby happen so shed have a grandkid
she seems okay with my sister having a crack baby in a few months

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he likely would have
hes honest
its amazing hes lasted as long as he has
hes not there because husband had charisma
the worst they got on him is his wife messed up at school administration
welcome to every school administrator ever
jero32: many people meet their sig others in the workplace
jero32: not really

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trump was the reason she got as many votes as she did
also her hijacking a roots resistance movement to make money for her candidates probably isnt going to help her
dx^: ya those guys need to start bitching about equal representation in congress
jero32: the black guy had class
jero32: the black guy didnt ask for you vote by noting he was black
hillary was a sexist
people like hillary are why i dont identify as a femenist
i believe in equal human rights, thats enough to cover that issue
but if hillary is a feminist, than ya fuck those discriminating mofos
ya i would have voted for warren
and i have issues with warren
but liz warren isnt the biggest symbol of nepotism in america
dx^: sally wouldnt do it
anyway, the DNC fucked themselves with their legal defence in the bernie class action
even if its a valid legal argument, their wording of it was uneccessary and proof that establishment DNC is straight retarded

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heh @ impeach then 3 day weekend
sounds like a plan
05:51:49 < DX^> actually I hate her so a hedgehog instead
hillary heads dont like it when you mention the popular vote consisted of many people who couldnt stand her, who wouldnt vote for her ever again after her big headed failure
i kinda like their hedgehog

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22:15:14 <+cheater> that will still give you shit results
youre full of shit
hakko 936 is 80s tech, clones are damn near identical if not back door same factory, same with the 97 iron clones
eh, 60/40 and 63/37 is fine
platin on the all the hakko tips is same as far as i can tell
very high temp w/ rohs and on the stand for very long time is the only way ive fucked a hakko tip, so ya
but you can get great results with any hakko tip isnt over, and ive nevr had a problem with clone stations
ones ive used heat up as fast as my 936
yes you can, so whats your point?

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theres maybe half a dozen that run around, i think you can rent them to make a buck
maybe not a bad idea for summer nights
one guy has a decent sound system on his, mostly blasts funk

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hmm they didnt call a/v tech position, said they would call tuesday
those guys are busy tho
rab: got school bike cart mechanic job, going to sign paperwork in a few minutes
they says they never do work on anything expensive so should be pretty easy
to hold the bike parts
the bike cart is where you take your bike to get fixed, they try to keep rates aboput 50% of downtown bike shop prices
so its mostly change the tires, adjust the brakes, tighten the chain
probably the biggest job is like, change the bottom bracket
cheater: yeah, everyone super busy because finals rush
students and staff
in general, bike carts here are for getting drunk people home

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power specs are usually at some temperature, sometimes room temp, you have to derate using thermal conductivity parameters
Rth parameters, thermal resistance, units are C/W so pretty easy
right so the way to test the heatsink is to put a known load on it and test the heat rise
so like, use a device you can mount to the heatsink pretty well, like a mosfet or a chassis mount resistor
burn 10W across it, measure temp rise after its stabilized, devide by 10, and thats the C/W of the heatsink
the devices themselves will have a c/w spec for die to junction, so you add them, figure out how many watts you can run based on the device max temp and expected ambient near the device
if its a closed device, ambient temp is a function of power used in the device, which kind of complicated things, further derates
anyway, you design with some headroom to get close and then test to find actual ratings

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is the plan
ty for the encouragement
hopefully this summer i have time to do some personal shit
i have like, fabrication withdrawal or something
did you do thermal derating?
i assume youre designing the thing, so yes

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Soundgarden - The Day I Tried To Live - Live at The Fox Theater in Detroit, MI on 5-17-17
everyone, post it
ah, WIP mosfet pizza cooker
nardil: yes
rab: debatable how much of me got through
rab: ya fuck dx^, that song pops up ion my head at unreasonably short intervals

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chris cornel has checked out

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