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nice insertion sense solution

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meanwhile right wing christians raping kids at church is proven in courts pretty regularly

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that or *boxes w/ edge slamming gestures are awesome to use

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its like 20+ year old software, no zoom
single pixel traces
and all sorts of eccentricities relating to how connections are displayed
well, some contract factories insisted on it
but we had industry specific shit that was much faster to use and maintain
like, we had maybe 5 diff options for that, that work for automated testing
getting labview maintenance task meant *everything* else on hold
because reviewing and editing labview code was generally a nightmare
all comments likely chinese
imagine a box that presents a switch statement
you select the case with a dropdown menu at the top of the box
and the box switches over to that block diagram
so if your shit has 10 cases, you have to click through 10 block diagrams to actually see the code
its kind of ridic
<3 boxes
i set up like a few pixel of menubar so i can scroll wheel desktop switch against an edge

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rab: also seriously, fuck labview
measurement and test course was 85% uneccessary automation using proprietary garbage schematic block UI
and 15% measurement and test
like, could have done almost all of this with a DSO scope w/ usb export or random daq box with almost no setup time
instead, 30+ minutes to do export text file header comments
not even an exageration
labview is for controller lab gear, either national instruments gear or 3rd part via standard comm interfaces
its data flow block diagram driven, so more like ladder logic or fpga code
but you cant even zoom the block diagram

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yeah people have kids and buy houses and wonder why they dont have time to do anything
'but its time'
you already did

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dx^: kinda
dx^: like, city water drip stuff?
dx^: i think you just use sprinkler timer valves and drip ring or irrigation hose?
the kid?
wait what

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sculptor: does it have the sponge filter?
i always feel ripped off when they leave out the filter
it has the bubbler attachment tho?
the little side T adapter in the pic
yeah i got one came with that and a little tube with an air filter on the end
it does this bubbler venturi thing
i dunno how that will affect the pee stream
yeah ive never used the venturi thing other than to see it working and go neat

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is thats some sort of analogy for our current socio-political situation?
sculptor: neat, those work

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california has never let people just die in the streets
but everything is too expensive
ya but were also like 8th biggest ecnomy in the world
and we even have republican asshole districts to keep shit fair
i live in one
my congressman voted for trumpcare =(
national geopgraphic just did a pretty mind blowing documentary on LA riots
least for me, that shit was local
anyway, all i could think was, fuck all of us if this happened everywhere

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ya they want to make money off private probation and parole
its pretty sad
yeah its better, i need to get a rosin press setup going
no they can drug test
you cant deny employment to someone over marijuana related convictions
this has been a law for like 10 or 15 years here
because fuck your 10min break every hour
i hope cali passes universal healthcare shit
even when i had decent health plan i was afraid to use it
every time i go to a dr for something, id get a stack of letters like WHY WE PAY THIS?
like, bitches i dont know im not the dr
dx^: here its called Medi-Cal

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zoom out
a lot of places will use weedmaps for inventory and menu management
they have a web database thing, mmjmenu or something, that also stores patient information
license #s and dr recommendation #s is what they need to be legal
medical, getting a medical req is like $35-80 a year depending on dr
you can hellomd a dr online over webcam
the law is basically anything that cannabis can help you with is approved as a medical condition
but i dont think its retail yet
you can grow and carry

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ya but dumb isnt something that the learning disability people came up with
mentally retarded was once the socially correct term
theyll come up with a new term, which will probably eventually be adaopted as an insult
and theyll come up with a new term
its a bit silly, but its polite to not be an ass and go along because people in that field have enough problems without dealing with assholes
people generally see those terms as describing medical conditions
youd be able to find something
you know me and there is also weedmaps
you dont know about weedmaps?

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dx^: so when i manage to stop for awhile, and sleep isnt an issue, eventually you forget why you got stoned, its not something you can remember with words and explain to someone
when you start smoking again, everyone same reaction, 'oooooh yeaaaah, this is why'
im pretty sure thats the cbd
and it costs about the same as commercial herb
so more dependent on how its grown, outdoor vs greenhouse vs indoor, organic vs clean hydro
so like, maybe $30-60 1/8 oz
retail herb you dont get much of a discount for buying bulk
nardil: learning disability people are sensitive about the word retarded because its been adapted by most of society as an insult

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so yeah this stuff is 17:1, i was buying 25:1 stuff, forgot the strain
normally its reversed, like >20% THC, <1% CBD
pretty sure thc is what triggers the melatonin sleepy state
so its fucking with your pinneal gland so half awake dream states arent surprising
dx^: yeah and then i can smoke some thc stuff or take a melatonin to sleep
and i dont feel so up and down
but right, too much melatonin, like 10mg w/ not so much to eat, feels exactly like too stoned on a heavy thc strain
wake up off balanced, time a bit distorted for a min or two

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very yes
math weed
too stoned
what do you mean strain?
right i wasnt sure if you meant mental strain or weed strain
CBD doesnt really do anything
like, psychoactively, its kinda of the 'shrug its okay' component, you dont really get high tho
dx^: thats the cbd working
pure synth thc drives people nuts
i have like 25:1 stuff i think
or its 17:1

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its their box, so they probably feel like its kind of on them
coffee tiem
there is this ad for hourly commercial kitchen rental
i could rent oven, ultra light roast ton of coffee, sell to local hipsters

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for a long time usps seemed like the only usgov department that wasnt fronting about its competency
not so much anymore
sounds like congress
yeah i know this budget amendment is on crack, but if you down vote for it the gov will shut down indefinitely
*dont vote
they rip?
i usually wrap in lots of clear tape
at the folds or just through the cardboard?
well, like through the sides, whole thing is cardboard
i guess mostly i am used to the small boxes
those things are pretty hardcore

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thats usually not so hippie
its a good thing not so many people live in montana
someone gotta pay for the mail
tho at this point that someone seems to mostly be amazon fedex and ups
whats that mean
congress ruins everything

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thats not funny!
yes that works i guess
hippy militias?

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they still exist, hiding in norcal and oregon
WA = bruce lee and/or jimi hendrix photos in shop windows
is a neat place
why it works, no one wants to live there
aw fuck youtube just two princes'd me

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google doesnt think shes dead
she got clean and i dont remember any of her newer music
cut her dreads, but i cant talk shit because so did i
i had beaker hair in high school

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oh shit you linked 4 non blondes
so i cant stand that song so much, but last three tracks of bigger better faster more are pretty awesome
theyre a lot like blind melon, almost every other track is better than their first single
linda perry died?
i dont remember that

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this is kind of like rolling stones
how do you know its an hour long you have to listen to the whole thing

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this is like jagger does bob dylan

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you, definitely
you did like 3 sciences today
i dont know
brits were into bluegrass so kind of makes sense

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this is for a transmitter?
i dont know ton about those, but you will need a heatsink for that too so maybe just get a very big fansink or find more of them
if you spread the LM317 out you will be able to get more power
but maybe your transmitter doesnt need so much, you should probably figure that out first
rab: is that like, omni radiation or something?
yeah that makes sense

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the glass fill stuff is actually pretty awesome, almost feels like ceramic, arent warped when pulled from hot chips, dont feel bad reusing them
a lot of stuff will use clips or spring fingers to clamp the chips instead of screwing them down, avoids the whole how much screw torque issue
well, kinda, its based on your output voltage and load
thats why i said if youre responsible, you can maybe be fine with your cooling solution but i dont think youll be able to do 18A dropping 10V

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click for should washer data, aavid links their whole fucking catalog
aavid says theirs are good for 250C
nylon is plastic
you can use the shoulder washers because its just a thin slice under compression
they usually look fucked when you pull them from hot chips
but yeah screws are too long, theyll stretch too much and youll lose your contact and c/w will shoot up

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you either need to be very responsible or mount to a larger fan sink
or your system will mostly be an LM317 thermal protection test fixtiure
shrug, maybe you burn out the fan
i would stack fans because mechanically it works
19:42:28 <@renesis> you can use plastic screws
i rabbed, can't
all the way?
maybe around 100C
no they put glass fibers in the plastic

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but since you packed them all next to each other, the operating temp of one becomes the ambient temp of the next one
so in reality everything will get much hotter
but maybe, you can put a fan on the bottom too
like blowing on the LM317 cases so theyre actually running at ambient and not bbq'ing each other
you can use plastic screws
theyll melt
if you want to go all the way past 100c, you probably cant use standard plastic shoulder washers either
yes they do
you can spit test an LM317 at sizzle and theyll be running fine
theyre cheap because theyre a proven design that will always have its place, so they made like 20 billion of them
your plan isnt necessarily a bad one, its not the cheapest way but arguably its pretty simple for the amount of protection you get
your heat management solution might need some work, tho

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so up to 1.2 C/W
like, this is a very best case type thing
because the center tab isnt ground
i dont understand
how do you plan to inert it
then you will be shorting all the outputs
which is probably bad
anyway, so heres the wird part
in isolation, in a test condition in 25C ambient, datasheet says it will run to 150C, so 125C of headroom
so at 1.2C per watt, thats like i dunno 100W

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wtf @ 0.1 C/W Rth junction to case bottom for to220 LM317
you cant mount them direct to the heatsink
you need some sort of insulator
because im pretty sure the outputs are isolated from each other by resistors in the parallel circuits
right so ballpark that will add like 0.5 C/W so were up to 0.6 C/W
lets say your fansink is very good, that its like 0.6 C/W

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dropping 5v at 500mA each, is like 33W

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flynn gonna come back after all this, he says
flynn is really a good guy, he says
ha fuck those were all LM317?
nardil: i think you are going to need a bigger fan
or possible just a tupper of icewater

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