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timecop: fernando alonso
best driver in f1, in the worst car in f1
so hes like fuckit i go race with the rednecks

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holy shit
nando qualified 5th for indy500
guy shows up and out of nowhere hes podium material
he needs to just win this shit so he can start tacing le mans 24

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I can say without exaggeration that I love your products, and that your legacy rivals that of
i wonder if every industry has a company like that

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my guess is you need gpu spec caps
so basically, the lowsest ESR, highest current caps you can get
yeah fuck those things
just buy panasonic FC and if it doesnt work, project wasnt meant to be

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wtf is a universal voltage capacitor?
did you make that up?
so all capacitors should be expensive and of marginal performance, k
ebay just know people dont know about caps
thick leads so who knows
you prob wants that cost $2-5 each

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somewhere there is a datasheet with a part number reference that will answer all these questions
theyll will just tell you its in the datasheet
they really dont care about you unless they think youre going to buy 1000+ units
have fun with that
youre not going to be making much unless you have a solar powered data center
with a chisel?
shrug, those things are stuck on pretty good
they dont have the issues that MLCC do with board flex and vibration
throw it away
prob bought it used

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no one said dicks you made up dicks
definitely nap time

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well i dont think you can downcost it much
so not much reason to redesign
like if you change too much in terms of materials and dimensions its not the same transformer anyway
blackmoon: not likely, dead market
the people who want them usually have decent ears
have to write cover letter
i outline it, so just have to fill in blanks
was outside cleaning car in 95F and just ate so i kind of feel like a nap, tho

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its all confusing until you turn the lights off and see the little purple electron clouds
then it makes perfect sense
more or less, ya
is why they dont happen much anymore
output transformers are $$$$
i think its somewhat formulaic now
like guitar pickups
like people are doing a bunch of transformer math, theyre just doing whatever amount of windows at whatever tension around whatever core the recipe says
*arent doing
right so its likely 3 or 4 known working designs
and those prob took like 500 revisions and 40 years to nail down
yeah most likely

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switch mode = normal now
no one wants to pay shipping on mains freq transformers

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tubaman-: yeah for ambient i like those
and theyre 10mv/s so you can just hook them up to a dmm with a 9v battery for power and you got a decent active temp probe
the to92 ones dont need insulation
to-220 for contact w/ a mica or direct is probably fine
to-92 stuck in a drilled hole with thermal transfer works pretty good for sink temps
ive wedged them in between heatsink fins, and they tracked as well as the IR temp meter

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