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jero32: obscure location on the site?
i dont mind that so much, as long as i dont have to email them or login to some shit
i hate that shit
i wouldnt be surprised, they be able to figure out which firmware was originally exploited

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jero32: scope has some issues but some of the shit he complains about is dumb
right but he bitches about it having crosses to indicate 5 divs, and having half a div at the edges
there were more
and my friend got an owan scope
its usable
thats about all i can say about it

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rab: heh @ same banana bit on a longer center pin
and i think they know exactly what theyre doing and they probably made decent $$$ on it

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haha @ slo mo of big one floating

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poor hydraulic press gf
he printed them
theyre not real ones
no the gf from hydraulic press channel
always making the shield-face-from-shrapnel pose

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its 1.5tb of src named after lawrence fishburne
so it has compilers?
do you mean development like, for developers, or like, not done
host it or gtfo
wtf send me your hardware and mailing address
i dont think anyone is interested because you havent said what it is, other than some standard gnu utils
dont msg me your address im not sending you anything

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its just random shit?
its the entire internet?
why dont you just use gentoo or some other meta distribution
you shit is probably 2/3 out of date and exploitable
so by deploymeny image, you mean lock up a computer for months compiling every piece of software you could fit on a hdd
because you havent said what it is and i dont understand the point, really
well maybe a list and tag it or something
well no one knows who its for

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why would we want this
but what is it
but what is it

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