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rab: yes exactly
they are like, the cream that has risen to the top of the shenzen sludge
sculptor: because it you say good it sounds like broken english
mean good, channel good
channel well actually makes sense for a CM, the distribution companies call their different retail chain markets 'channels'
i forgot a lot of the silly factory names
ever victory is a big one

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i think they are a story of a china factory started of making crappy power supplies with good intentions, so the name, then someone showed up and went, no like this, and now they are distributors of badass power reservoirs

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nice, silk way off center in that one
but it says right there tiny deal what do you expect
like i love mean wells, but if one failed id be like, well shit the name is mean well not actually good
that plus a sliver of double sided sticky something, im totally onboard
kid at school used on in project proposal bom
he assumed it means badass reservoir of power

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nice, mom is thrown like 6ft thru a fence, cover the baby reflex returns within about a second
that ones optional
soldermask isnt great insulation
i would lift the pin for a prototype, if it was mess to manufacture, some sort of mica or kapton shim
well right if soldermask isnt going to insulate, layer of ink isnt going to
rab: its well implimented, looks great
maybe its just ugly brown at the edges because the light
shryg, could be anything under the chip

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