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turned out nom

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timecop: doesnt the choking part kinda assume that cocks arent food?

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guys how did murika decide xylophone = news music
guys im going to try and make a white sauce with milk butter corn starch tomatos garlics pepper flakes
oh and bacons i saved some for this
wait you are not #cars
what does #electronics knows about food

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is it california or carolina

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in most places you have to ask them like 10 times spicy for real or they wont do it
thai and vietnamese
mt: yeah
thats exactly how you have to ask in really whire areas
youre radishes have been domesticated cheater
i check its tapatio, and ya its weird its been couple weeks since anything spicy, shrug
are those banana peppers?
i dont like banana peppers and jalapenos
they dominate the flavor of anything theyre put in and theyre not very spicy

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cholula is tastier, tapatio is hotter, but theyre basically the same
tobasco is just vinegar and red
no bread/pasta is too hardcore
no soda/sugar is easy
sounds annoying
integral is whole grain?
i call is crappy texture and less tasty

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i only get from costco and freezer pepperoni pizza
wtf is valentinas?
is that some generic version of tapatio/chalula?
is it cheaper than tapatio
says its like tapatio w/ more flavor
yeah i kind of like that chalula and tapatio dont have a lot of spices
its just red pepper, water, and much less vinegar than tobasco

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ha, i had an external 160gb in like 2006
damn reading, the backscroll
damn, no reason comma
so i ran out of chalula for a week, got some more, jezus fuck i didnt realize tolerance to this shit wears off
is this part of getting old?

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