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ham: if something goes wrong, you maybe die instead of a breaker flipping
11:13:28 < ham> g.f broke the ground bottom part of the plug on a fan, is it really needed?
pretty sure hot water tank is other side of my building
the big metal grill ones are usually grounded
the cable i think
whoch is maybe okay
yeah replacing plus with screw terminal ones prob is best
monaco grand prix qualifying in 4 hours
lets all stay up and watch

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sculptor: yeah for a 5ft fridge, microwave on top doesnt seem as scary
least for me, thats like below eye level
would be very danger for <5' mom tho

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all mine have been 6ft by maybe 2.5ft wide and deep
w/ or w/o freezer?
would be neat so have water filled pipe shelves

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that seems very danger
i use a 2x15 subwoofer as microwave stand
damn i have subwoofs and woofs
and prob some tweeters or usable full range dealies somewhere
do they run pips through the sides?
right i think its usually just foam injected between the walls
you are going to have a big coil inside or something?

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maybe its 62^5?
its not so many
the way he straightens his coat and puts his chin up reminds me of a bitchy old lady

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rab: theres only like 62^62^62^62^62 possible combinations of that youtube url prefix
just watch them all until you find the thug one

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