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wtf marcus intalex died
junglists dont die

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neat i am a member of the three united states of not completely retarded
ha they put jerry brown last
i dunno why but i am completely okay with that
speaking of, where the fuck that mfkr jello been
biafra still biafra, am relieved

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sculptor: how do they do temp feedback?
theres a seperate sensor or theyre using resistive coefficient of the heater?
i need a smaller vice
this toolmakers vice too big, smacks the z ways
vise? probably

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i was thinking theyre probably made to heat up to a set stable temperature for average thickness and material tile
but you mentioned controller so they're prob overpowered enough already to warm up fast
heh, wonder how hot they get run 100% until stable
right looks like it goes under the wire?
the grey bit?
oh, yeah thats what i thought it was for but i thought was like chicken wire

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heh, big expensive transformers are expensive
yeah thats not so bad
dont even need to rectify it
you have to find the right voltage transformer at the load current
are they made for your mains voltage?
theyre most likely significantly more resistive than reactive so it should just be V=IR P=IV
oh, neat
did you want to overdrive them and feedback switch?
oh, nevermind i guess

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today i discovered that 8ft 1x2" wood is $1
i thought it was like, $3!
the cheap kind
sculptor: what are the floor heaters like?
just resistive rods or something?

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heh, yeah thats probably the most enlightening shit about working in other related fields
'oh shit, these guys have 3 diff standards they use at once, too. none of this stuff fits =('

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i did 6 wall anchors perfect today
sculptor: learning home maintenance stuff is neat

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i mean, most of them seem ridiculous simple, large pads large gaps
yeah its annoying
but the channel is an electronics one, not a political or social one
and timecop for the most part is on topic, actually is helpful, and finishes projects and seems to be able to learn
right, he wouldnt be here if his bullshit outweight the contributions
also there is the realization that this is not only IRC, this is efnet
timecop: ya better cool it on that shit or bant
youve avoided it so far
ya think so
i cant remember banning him recently

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so by using it to take the power from the word, youre making other have to deal with it when they may not want to
like, im sure there are gays who where called queer in anger and dont like that its used casually now
same with nigger
anyway, it does
gay as a term meaning lame
gay literally means happy
so using it as 'bad' is basically associated it with being gay as the worse thing a person can be or have to deal with
i was actually surprised by how many people i know used it a lot
like, hippie and punk type chicks who would never use derogatory language like that
they stopped
and a few specifically admitted it was fucked up
like around 10 years ago
so timecop is an interesting case
because i dont really think hes racist in the classic sense
i just think he knows it pisses people off
timecop: does it work?

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my guess is the term became deragatory in the modern sense when it became associated with cowards
and i think that has to do with ww2, but im not sure about that
'yellow commie bastards'
sculptor: thats the point, people are sensitive so its just polite to not be an ass about it
but in general, i dont care so much about non descriminatory labels
old people will use the term negro or colored because at one point that was the socially correct term
if theyre not using the terms in a derogatory way, shrug
well nigger is worse and you have to be socially illiterate to use that word in most situations
they basically took the word back, queer is similar
like i said, i really dont have much issue with words being said out loud if its not in a deragatory way
anyway, i dont necessarily agree with the use of reclaimed words, either
at once point, nigger and queer were almost universally used with hate

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but that doesnt mean peoples feelings werent reasonably hurt

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sculptor: that doesnt seem very racist
description of race is pretty culture specific
like, black isnt offensive, most latino or similar mixed people usually dont mind the term brown
for 200 years ago, yellow person from the east sounds like a pretty reasonable term for asian, and the sentiment seems more respectful or even subservient, not offensive
like, slanted eyes isnt an incorrect description, but the fact that its been used in the past in many derogatory ways matters
they maybe didnt intend to be mean, either

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its almost all aluminum

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cheater: paranoia that there are metal chips somewhere on your pillow

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because ya, brushing Al chips off my feets before socks is kinda the suck
also pillow paranoia
also sears bandsaw a lot better than i expected
should have bought one 10 years ago
*when* kevtris is right, heh

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