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"we didnt really think about that when designing it"

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that doesnt seem long enough
kevtris lying about his age

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hey guys
like, if my finish passes are doing crazy prism reflections
does that mean i created flat geometry at fractions of a light wavelength?
because thats pretty neat

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shopping for springs is drama

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exhaust output prob isnt huge pressure

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i think ~200A is when i needed to tie the magnetizer cables down
pulse fuse, make a module
yeah wtf porting
thats like beautiful, and 'no way that shit will work' at once
tiny long orings are tiny
looks like it drops into and bolts into an intake block
blackmoon: its prob pretty loose fit

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knife up a wallwart, done

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didnt read enough scroll
ha @ zener regs
i think those epoxy cough drops are my fav cap package

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everything is a tl494
blackmoon: like, resistor from base to gnd, resistor from base to mains?
and then drive shit with the collector
wait that doesnt work
hmm no i think it does if load is very low

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kevtris: cnc is in a corner of my studio apartment, like 4ft from a toaster oven and microwave
last time i tried machining aluminum, chips got everywhere
so i got some shelf brackets and 1x2 and couple clear PVC shower curtains for the mill and bandsaw
kevtris: also socks

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shower curtain machine shop is great success
pile of 6061 chips next to table is going to be comical

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wait what

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from outer space?
bets on weather i can mount glass moonroof deflector to my car without shattering it?
it's 6 torx screws
but its got spring loaded brackets mounted to the edges

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