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cant put a swing joint

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yeah sucks

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i this this is how plumbers make their money
almost all pipes are concealed in that context
right but in a closet?
behind a water pump?
anyway, my totally uneducated guess, its for inspection
so they can make sure the joints isnt done dumb, and so they can follow flow of pipes through walls
like if you had some sort of walled off space that cant be accessed easily for inspection dont do the swing joint there

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synth: they maybe just want to be able to inspect them, if they exist
it might be up to the inspector
basically deciding is its a swing joint or two turns
it maybe has to do with being able to track the flow of pipes
like if you have multiple pipes and swing joints you maybe cant tell which pipe is which if you cant inspect the swing joint
if thats the case, so what is and what isnt maybe is based on that
its like having internal layers

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synth: looks like a way to change planes of plumbing lines with 90 degree connections
like, with one 90 degree connection, you have alignment issues or just no wat to align
with three 90 degree elbows you can hit axis offset from perpendicular, or just not worry about exact alignment

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boston fucks

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they probably put tahina and yogurt cucumer sauce on shit as much as we ketchup and mustard
hadji, yo
i think researching vertical spit manufacturing is where the answer lives

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because irony
hey so whats up with beef shawarma being rare?
theres a few mediteranean places here, all have chicken shawarma, none have beef shawarma
i cant get my cali/lebanese style beef shawarma pita fix
this isnt the mediterenean
this is california, this is like the beef factory of the world
rab: honestly, i think that someone in the mediteranean made a pita sandwich w/ lamb before america was a thing
we maybe named it

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for all the things i cant afford
i has not butter nor bread
my shredded hash browns sit idle, useless
my eggs have only been hard boiled
but at least i got a row of Lawry's seasonings
lemmon pepper, garlic salt, seasoning salt, #1
plus i got almost a full bottle of tapatio, and popcorn
what about air fried french fries
the_gfr|w: can you have a hamburger with french fries inside of it?

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the_gfr|w getting down with the boiled steaks

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do you just eat buttered toast?

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normally i am like, red onions plus garlics

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like 1.5 more years
its basically red rice w/ chicken, but with fried then cooked noodles instead of rice
like salsa and chicken broth base, basically
tomato onion garlic broth, into blender
put fideo coils uncooked in oil w/ onions, brown
well then put some cayenne peppers in it
add precooked shredded chicken, saute
add sour cream at the end
do you shallot?
im fucking lazy, i just buy shallots instead of garlic+onion now
not so much because takes place of two things and is strong
its hard to find shallots that arent ugly
its like red onions
like i could totally work on a green onion to shallot spectrum

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then thats just soupe, dude
unless it has tripe
then its menudo and you shouldnt eat that
menudo is like a bad joke that turned into a movement
like 4chan
tacos is usually just meat onions and salsa
yeah this place sounds legit
ask if they have sopas
yeah posole is a bit too hardcore for me but theres nothing wrong with it
menudo is disgust
i <3 fideo chicken soup
have you had red rice?

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sterilite sells little drawers, like 8" wide, 3 drawrs high, 12" deep
shit comes presagged
rab: right i think we named pennies wrong
we are off by like 10^4
mil is short for mille
mil = 1/1000
in imperial and metric
like, cent means 100 in every other context except pennies
me neither
its cool
does it have meatballs?
if it has meatballs, its abondigas soup (sp?)

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'YO LOOKS AT MY AWESOME NEW $2000 SCOPE' points at 4" deflected shelf
guys why is it per cent and not per dollar
does cent mean 100 or 1/100
did we name pennis wrong?
i think we named pennies wrong

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does not look steady
shrug, clamps
it needs to be heavy, which is why good ones dont exist much
the light ones have light springs, twist, bounce, creak
use c channel or angle or something
wood would have to be like inch thick and i dont think the mounts would last
you can tell most electronics guys never took strengths because of how much their shelves sag

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anglepoise sounds like a fish
oh those lamps pop up
yeah fuck those
this is like a good idea costed down to uselessness by the 80s
also that amscope place has that, looks okay

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thats a fun words to say
isnt amscope the usb shit
am is a guy?
yeah looks like they make decent boom scopes
you only need like 20x
for rework type shit
past 40x you cant even work
have used this, base is heavy enough you canflip it the wrong way and itll usually stay up

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bas is before my era
when i got there he was already strung out and dumb in general
kind of like KK, glad that guys gone

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ive only seem him have issues with imb and justin, so a racist and a troll
who doesnt in #cars? its like prereq

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d0gz complained, so innitab left w/ bots
funny thing, new bot is running on innitabs server
shrug, i think d0gz is fine
hes reg, hes on topic enough

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dx^: kinda
coffee tiem
it undid all the bans? thats not very nice

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