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it seems like a specific implimentation of eggdrop + some scripts
because i think you can do this stuff with eggdrop
no i mean native you can have a hub thats not on irc
oh you mean the actual core system

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canadian gp in english finally hits torrent trackers and its fucking NBC
i want my sky f1 fix yo
How come the 2nd hub does not send the userfile to the first?
Right now wraith's userfile sharing is top-down only. Sharing upwards to the first hub is a planned enhancement.
assuming your first hub doesnt suck

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and the hub helps in the channel
arguments for either i guess
on a single pid?
what if your admin is a dick
d0gzpaw: no he means as far as wasting a process on a bot as a hub
wraith hubs dont connect to irc
they just hub
right but there seems to be user abstraction involved, shrug

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i need actual hosting before trying anything else
honestly shit like this is usually more about documentation than actual complexity
'oh thats it'
what if hub goes down

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or you just have to not give a shit about bots and do nothing
synth: it seems really paranoid
like it prob works
yeah so basically working on eggdrops mostly involves snacks

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yeah and eggdrops standalone is like few minutes setup
shit never takes long until you have to get them to socialize with multiple owners
lets make timecop write one in python
we can pay him in fish blubber
oh shit i have tea
synth: it was because new eggdrop has ssl
so host bot has to generate key and cert, wasnt too hard to figure out
like, fixing the bot issue took maybe 2 hours
and 90min of that was cooking and eating fried rice
is same except at end you have to fo like make sslcert of at the beginning you have to compile without ssl

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Leaf Bots
Botnet list is not visible.
Hubs are not visible.
Hostmask not visible in whois
yeah setting up the single eggdrop took couple hours to figure out
mostly i dont like how their docs are fragmented
but the docs are there at least
hubs do not connect to irc
so we gotta setup an extra bot, who barely helps
also hard work

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right i dunno what you mean then
because works
whatever everyone just having scripts to auto op each other?
and coming up with the shit from scratch?
okay what is solution
oh neat c++
i like that energy mech thing but its dead
it is
now i am less impressed
seems like irc folk to me
i dunno bryan

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now what
yeah that makes sense now
k neat it did a thing
d0gzpaw: is my thing gonna catch fire if i dont update to the new thingware?
fucking gotta update the firmware on a cigarette
can prob update usermaks with /msgs

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ignored dcc chat request after setting pass
sec i was reading how to do it with msg
race the other bots?
this takes timing

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im not sure i can turn the ssl off to link them
seems like theyre rly srs about it
like, i could recompile but i guess d0gz actually uses his bots already
i has to dcc commands or something? doesnt wanna let me party

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cycle the bot, heh
i know thats why funny
testing in another chan is prob the only way really
or getting all the other bots to leave
is not a big deal if it works if helps if not, least it looks scary
chans not very active and typically doesnt field more than one troll at a time

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oh neat it does that
+ao #electronics should do it
yeah but like 2 other bots are going to try and op it
we can do it lots
if other bots fall off

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the network or the sad girl?
yeah i wasnt around for that
eris is a sad girl who does goofy hardware nerd stuff
shes hung out in here but mostly i know her form an audio geek channel, only around every few years
well, i guess, but its good to know that maybe she i snot dead

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damn tried to change the vhost to an ip, didnt work
only other vhost on that box i know about is cockgoblins
so this is better i think
no, why?
i changed the non ident mask to the same as the ident username
so if you *!*ren@place should work for either
yeah that config line is dead

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random files just wont read
all my chappelle show, trapped
that was a neat picture

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i stopped DCC'ing when i started using remote shells
well i mean whats the point of having the file on a remote shell
then i got move it someplace else
sigh, there was a picture of me w/ dreads and the trouble girl in montreal, some cool architecture in the bg
'oh ill just move that when i back up other shit later' gone forever
like, im amazed at the random shit i find in layers of local BAK directories from forever ago, i hardly have any of the random shit i kept on shells
almost all my cds are fucked
like, no scratches, 100% clean and no discoloration in the film

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timecop: python is eating labview and matlab markets
like, i can learn matlab and then juarez it or try anf find the right trial version or whatever
or i can just use random python shit
what do you mean?
gcode is a coordinate based language for vector paths thats been standardized since the 70s
kind of
its more like a scripting language
CAM software can be written in anything
gcode is intentionally simple
d0gzpaw: CAD designs geometry, CAM generates toolpaths from geometry and writes it out into gcode
the machine controller reads the gcode and changes the vectors into timed motor driver commands

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c isnt that
like once you get that c is almost assembly its not so confusing
right i have no fucking clue how to make a windows program
because its not learning languages, its learning API and common libraries
no one still working at m$ understands it enough to change it

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its easier on avr, honestly
if youre modular and use macros its almost c
but without dicking with compiler issues and makefiles
theres not a ton to it once you get how it organizes shit
'everything is a pointer' is pretty accurate
right i meant c
oop is enough abstraction that common sense guesses dont really work out much
tubaman_: yeah but a lot of it is basically libraries building on c practices

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python is erotic compared to labview
and ladder logic

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work of an artist

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i thought it was just so you could see if it was there easily

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well, i mean it depends what your goals are
oh shit is that what the fluero glass is?
ive seen a lot of fire alarm switches with a dayglo yellow glass pin

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yeah ident seems random, shrug

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d0gzpaw: we try to feed tc just enough to keep him alive
i dunno what do alaskans eat?
fish? i bet a lot of fish, moving to jp probably didnt change that

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omg welfare pizza

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tenjitsu and beeftaco were init
and m787b is running on another init shell
so its not like tenjitsu is totally gone, shrug
friends, i dont own tenjitsu
sure but youre new and this is irc
coffee and pizza at the same time is for the rich fucks

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d0gz was going to bring in a bot to link to m787b, #cars and #electronics have shared bots for awhile
eck0 has a little net and is helping in #cars since init left

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isnt that a flashing util?
im pretty sure i have but not more than to try it out
oh its like the gcc package?
yeah ive used that but i think via atmel studio when it was avr studio, so been quite awhile
i may have used it standalone
like 90% of the stuff ive done on avr was in asm
basically everyone in the op list right now that isnt a bot should have operator access
m787b and cybot are the only bots

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about what?
i never liked that car
i just thought Rotary gENESIS was funny
what like the diff and anxles?
ireally, really want a hatchback rotary miata
theyre like 15 years old now, heh
they probably didnt think the motors would last that long

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weechat seems better but i dont think id use it diff enough to learn new cmds bc lazy
i dont think ive put any effort into learning anything irc in 10 years
no i dont think so whats wpg
renesis is only a semi-rare nick, its a mazda rotary engine
not a very good one tho or id imagine the nick would be taken more
do you know what a 787b is?
when i saw one irl i basically got stuck with mouth open
and fuck knows what the classes were called them
but it was equiv of LMP1
yeah its the 13b in the rx8
with the exhaust ports on the side
which seem to have mad the apex seal flooding issue worse

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i totally stand behind his rationalization
/cycle is irssi
need a space between those slashes

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joellama: that sounds like an inconvience and completely aesthetic and non functional in terms of administering the chan
01:47:25 <@JoeLlama> just been opping him myself and then got tired of that
i think kev should be opped, i have no problem opping him, i dont care so much when hes just +v tho or not even that
because like bm says, he doesnt op so much, and im just happy hes here
thats basically #cars
oh and politics and blatant racism
also #cars
i dont mind the porsche part
but im annoyed thats its just 911 talk
but i like shaman
and hes happier and thats cool about his uncle

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cybercls: i just *!*user@fullmask.thing and it mostly works
just bing clear, but the big complaint against inittab is kevtris wasnt getting auto-opped?
d0gzpaw: mostly all it does is auto-op, set chan limit, clean out non sticky ban list
id be comfortable with multiple bots on diff nets setup like that that play nice

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who are we talking about?
how the fuck are you going to de-op kevtris
hes contributed more to the chan than maybe anyone else
if kevtris wants to do nothing and than decides to ban everyone at some point, im maybe okay with that

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generally the same ass that hes always been
guy hates me because i pointed out he was wrong about the functionality of the low 16 regs on avrs

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tenjitsu and beeftaco are gone because of people bitching at initab like he was doing something wrong even tho the chans have been fine for i dunno better part of a decade
oh and also politics and drugs, but #cars is really #politicsanddrugs
ha thats why i dont like freenode
fuckin gotta register and socialize with the bot on join
im mostly there for a social channel
if you want to talk in some technical chans you have to reg
some channels are +m and wont voice unless reg flag or whatever
sure and its mostly useless discussion + avrfreak
he was a few months ago

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zcommon sense kind of defaults to that
on the glass envelope?
and who runs them
#cars is dogz and eck0

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