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_unreal_: a lot of it basically unmarked on maps because half the time the little islands are under water

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florida is like swamp california for old republicans
less than 15 for me

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who is charles?
youre asking if stu has fucked off?
i think he still hangs out in other EFnet chans, but i think he burnt himself in #cars before #electronics
by the time i was hanging out in #cars stu was gone
i believe over some hosting issue, shrug
_unreal_: ya maybe not the best mom

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steppers is pretty turnkey
is this for personal glory or employment?
theyre nema23, no?
they cant be that strong
theyll be stronger than nema23 steppers but the cost is setup drama
wanna compare?
my junkie sister has outdone herself this year
i dont remember specifics
i know there is an exwife and a kid

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right open frame supplies are same idea as wall warts
you just get a 12V one and connect + to ground and use the - as output
mean well are very good
_unreal_: i dont know a lot about drones, looked pretty neat

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i think the neg rail on atx psu is basically the opamp rail
is that for the whole supply or the negative rail?
yeah thats cool, maybe consider a pair of open frame switchers for your project
like a big mean well, with a little mean well for the neg rail
i think the cheap ones are like ~$10
like, the power supply module PCB, or the ones mounted in metal boxes with vented sides

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i do like the idea of continuing something with #cars
besides overlap, theyre in a post-stu era too
uhoh i missed question
yeah for ac stuff that works really well
dc stuff, depends on what the power supply situation is i guess
if you cant get an isolated source you can turn into a negative rail, charge pump based supplies or buck-boost regs work

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quarks and leptons were his, no?
thats the other thing, his bots and inits were linked as far as i know
er, werent
so like, complains about having it all as one synced net like before is kinda whatever, it worked for years not like that

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i asked and waited but not being auto opped wasnt a big deal
bur right basically its same thing in two channels
most people say init was pretty reasonable about responding, and then one person who says init was mean and the bots are all fucked up
right there is literally no reason for init to have helped for as long as he did
he hadnt been as active in #cars either, and he was more active in there usually
so i think this 'init left in a huff' shit is kinda bullshit, guy left because this aint his job and some people are dicks
right i dont think that guy is a problem

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but most of my communication with joellama is him msging me to complain about how he cant get auto-opped and that init is ignoring him
in my experience, pass resets and hos updates with init happened within a day or two of msging init
for me, and the guy works
and no one is paying for hosting
so i mean technically initab ignores me, for a day or two, then does exactly what i asked
im pretty satisfied with this service
tubaman_: kinda

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shrug, i think he always had bot access to change his hostmask so that auto-op would work without inits help
kevtris too, so his annoyance with kevtris not being opped is kinda whatever, and anyone would op kev if he asked
i think he made both arguments, heh

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i enjoy the irony of cheater being voiced weeks after being temp banned for being an ass
i resisted the urge to /voice * because yeah, would maybe hurt joellamas feelings
rab: be careful tho, llama might hold a democratic vote on it while everyone else is asleep

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my first guess was a milk jig
no access, file permissions
yeah, you turned it?
thats plaster?
its foam?
yeah nice fab work

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still looks like a mini oil pan
timecop: im pretty sure we keep you around to answer questions like that for us
is it a hat?
right im asking what the positive of the mold is based on
because it looks like the oil pan for a small engine

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timecop: because no (void)?
gnu cant waste 4 characters of time every time timecop
someone kicked you off an open project or something, ya?
this seems so personal
what did you use for the mold?
looks like a tiny oil pan or something

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rab: nothing ive seen homebrew will cut stainless steel at any sort of usable rate

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you need mouse wheel technology

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k behave

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02:24:46 <@JoeLlama> it seems not many here are interested in democratic votes but what ever
oh he left, but if he wants to do this democratically he can have the conversations out in the open and we can decide after some time to discuss this
he asked a few people in msgs and then opped the bots
for example some of the 'yes' votes happened before people were given any alternatives
obviously yes, the channel needs some bots
i dont have issue with that

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you might want to narrow the scope of that question

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right i dont care you can leave them
right now it seems like a cosmetic issue which i dont mind for the time being
decent reminder to refine shit
sure but i think the issue is the ban list has filled up
right 787b undid all the last bots stickies because they didnt know each other

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i think pushrod ops cybot too, was early in the morning when we got to that, shrug
we know, traditionally we have them expire after a day i think
so what 787b is doing isnt bad, could be adjusted maybe, and kind of annoying it took out the last bots sticky bans
but that seems to be the worst of the fallout from the situation, and thats not so bad
i intentionally left the basic config of the bot mostly default after checking it wasnt set to bitch, most everything else seemed reasonable and i didnt want to burn time debugging because chan was unprotected

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theres three bots handling ops now (787b, wokei, cybot), on two nets, and an extra both (pushrod) that just ops the net
the wokhei/787b net
everyone in the op list should have op access to 787b/wokhei to set sticky bans, it looks like temp bans are on a 6 or 12 hour timer

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maybe if i put a few drops of sesame oil they will be more awesome
d0gzpaw: i dont think anything is high priority right now all the bots seem to mind their own business well enough
would be nice to have this sorted in some semi-perm way in the next few days tho just so we can all move onto personal hacks or naps
but id like to sort out hosting a bit and maybe we try another bot
wraith seems as efnet as eggdrop so maybe worth dropping in and asking some questions
that way everyone can do whatever with their own eggdrops and we dont have to worry about versions and mixing modes with other chans
pretty sure we can figure out any solution but we only do this every few years so might as well look at some options

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cybercls: i dont really care but 787b is just going to see them as temp bans and undo them
a really slow one, it appears
theyve been doing since since cybot joined, its mostly a cosmetic issue right now
i need some breakfast
has browns in oil is so meh

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20:39:06 <@BlackMoon> And already the bots started fighting about bans. :P
theyve been doing it the whole time, but i think 787b is just undoing them because theyve timed out and not sticky
blackmoon: if you want to talk about ban and channel modes so we can get bots on same page maybe we take convo to #projects so easy to get everyones thoughts in one scroll?
d0gzpaw: please /j #projects, ty
cybercls: ^ also, ty
tekrad: kastein ccfl_man someone ops thanks
ha, tho worst chanserv could do it op timecop and i just tried to do that, shrug

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