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right so i dunno how much of this was figured out when they were still doing wax caps

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the oxidation in electrolytics maybe makes it worse than other rolled caps, shrug
or film caps may use more layers in parallel
kind of like MLCC

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the iterative crossover calcs do some weird shit with RC networks
like, the filters arent based on impedence load because its variable vs freq
so they just tweak shit until the measured response of all the speakers, filtered, maps well against a desired response
my friend said in the 70s thats basically what they did with decade boxes and plotters
math to get it close, then you measure, tweak, measure, tweak, just trying to get output you want
yes exactly
now imagine with 60s and 70s caps
parameters all probably changed with load, too
i dunno film caps are rolled but its not bad

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kept the EE who is like 'yo what voltage do we give this LED?'
and the "EE" who acused me of inventing ESR to fuckup his shipping schedule
bitches shouldnt have spent 3 weeks worrying about the shade of red on the mid surround
used mylar film caps in prototyping, literally the cheapest bipolars for production
the ESR was higher than the resistors they were in series with
like, not figurative, it was actually higher
'ren made this circuit with the cap and a resistor and did some tests and they test all different'
'so this isnt just some theory he has?'
bitches, youre the passive speaker engineers, its a low pass filter
some circuit, wtf
ikr right
thats some BOM killer shit
damn i did RIP in peace with ikr
like, there are some circuits where it works

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i dont remember why the servo circuit was spazzing out, but the zener supply made it easy to circuit delete because i just told them to cut out all the zener supply resistors
but then they had to actually bias the amps or theyd eventually blow up
like, bitches thats why they put the trim poit there you werent setting bias?
test the amps
$2500 product
theyre not biased, barely 0.1 distortion
i bias them, like .005 or something hot rod, product design is like OH SHIT REN LOOK WHAT YOU DID THATS WHAT WE ADVERTISE THEM AS
im like, dot dot dot
there wasnt time, ren, there wasnt time
bitches there wasnt time because the series resistor is wrong and itll never bias like that
bias time is like, infiniti per unit
anyway, getting laid off from there prob not a bad thing
they hired the asian kid ME who just worked his ass of, the EE with 30 years audio electronics design experience, and the tech who tested all the things and designed all the rework

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blackmoon: mosfet pizza cooker
haha, dale heatsink resistors are 250C rated
you could actually make a pizza cooker with them
actually their spec heatsink is like a 12x12" plate of 1/4" aluminum or some shit, for the big ones
blackmoon: theyre like 1 and 5% precision resistors up to like 1000W or something
its 480F or something, you can cook pizza on it
or like, just use a fuse
so i know of a discrete amp, offset issues so design modified to use like $5 opamp
they RZener supply it

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blackmoon: theyre nicos
im not sure but i dont think they were networked with inits bots
ashy larry is familiar i just dont remember if nico so didnt op

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he has a nicowife and carbonated beverages

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rab: clearly this is a trick, right?
nico: status of status

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nice, wokhei is pretty fast
man, walking like 4-10 miles a day for school then going to much less during breaks is not good for back
gonna have to like, brave the sun or some shit
maybe actually use free school gym
naw, 787b idents sometimes =)
yeah i think theres slow dns issues or something on the box
maybe times out sometimes, shrug
when summer money situation gets a bit more stable i can look into hosting, ive wanted to for awhile anyway

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