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You dumbass. You thought you needed media queries to be responsive, but no. Responsive means that it responds to whatever motherfucking screensize it's viewed on. This site doesn't care if you're on an iMac or a motherfucking Tamagotchi.
is this shit old? its probably old. fuck you
Look at this shit. You can read it ... that is, if you can read, motherfucker.

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smear your phone on it!
i kinda like nfc
step1: smash all your things together, here and here
step2: no youre done
like with my headphones, to pair bt, i scratch the back of my neck with phone

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i believe that is one cause of the issue
maybe she wasnt careful

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probably because ad popup

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jero32: yes i am eth mining w/o an electricity bill as we speak
tho i sold the good cards last year =(
neat i got $3 st-link usb dongle i forgot i ordered

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because right ive had that acrylic for like 8 years i should probably monetize it
i mean, sure it makes a great coffee and end tables just sitting on milk crates
but i can still have coffee without the table
actually prob more like 4 or 5 dozen

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timecop: she didnt get anything?
thats so mean they should have given her the max payout
jero32: actually i have several square yards of 1" acrylic
i was thinking of making raspberry pi cases
dude that shit is money i cant throw it away
anyway, $20 worth of inserts and screws and i can have a couple dozen units made
and i can dickstarter for the next production run and use those as one of the donation tiers
machined acrylic comes out pretty sexy without any sort of finishing
and the shit would be like a brick compared to the 1/16" acrylic + standoff 'cases' people are selling

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i get variations of 'youre overqualified' and 'youre schedule doesnt work for us'
i have engineering program schedule, so i cant even get most school jobs
tho i got one as bike repair cart mechanic
college town thats a saturated market
the people i know worked at job near where i lived in LA got newjobs
i cant afford to pay rent in two places, so job needs to be close to friends place in LA or local
people straight laugh at me when i mention what i do for work and that im looking for a local job
'you need to move to san jose' thanks genius, but thats kind of a long commute from school

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jero32: i also have a $1500 machine tool and tons of experience with it pushing much harder than a PCB load it
so theres that
because inefficient
also because couple hour leadtimes
concept at breakfast, fabbed pcb by lunchtime
tc also lives closer to china
jero32: i have literally zero money for electronics right now
i can still fab and assembly a PCB
thats why you stockpile
when i ran out of shit to sell
no jobs here, contacted guy about running cable
'youre too talented, this is not the job for you'
so now i have to just lie like im an uneducated no experience mfkr to wash your dishes

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rab: fine tuning that fold gap?
this is literally no diff than any CNC setup operation
rab: and you kinda aim the fold for the center of the thickness of the board?
and right, this is why i feel like toner transfer is for some other type of hax0r
i just push board against my fixture edge and set the x y and z like i would for anything else
is not magic, its just some eyeballing and some rolling papers
rab: oh yeah itd almost be harder to misalign it than get it right

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for 10 units?
which isnt unreasonable but whats the ship time like
and what lead time is what?
rab: yeah exactly, and i couldnt afford it right now
i dont understand
rab: which isnt a bad price for an some electronics geek's something
anyway it never makes sense to order less than like 10
because the bulk of low quantity is usually setup cost
i am and it did/does
but i paid it a few times
i think min i paid was around $50 for a batch of a little board
jero32: right but compared to effectively free + few hours leadtime
what is good registration hack, have a ref edge and align with a drill bit

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not for something that big unless setup is spread across a lot of units
machining or etching would probably be pretty simple
SMT IC and vias are a pain, but something with big electromechanicals is usually cake
its a bit diff now compared to a few years ago
thats what im saying, pricing has gotten better consistently for the last 10 years ive been paying attention
rab: $67 isnt so bad for a one off
and even when im testing something, i wouldnt mind like 2 or 10
you picked um huh

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ha, been there, good luck
you still need an opamp buffer
but thats a good signal, like 50-100 times typical noise floor

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the cheapest solution is probably a single supply comparator with open collector logic output
doggo <3 _unreal_
anyway, i would use a scope and check out the signal
put a few diff values resistors across the hall output, to ground
like 100k, 10k, 1k, see how it deals with different loading
you probably want to use the lowest value that doesnt significantly drop out the hall sensor signal
then use that as the input impedance for your comparator circuit

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_unreal_: yeah the IC maybe has built in amps
they probably output enough current you can just put a BJT transistor on there with pretty high value bas resistor
amps might just be what i described above, which is basically a logic buffer
oh 60mV maybe not even enough for that
need opamps
most of the motor drive circuit i remember had opamps to buffer the hall signals
and the hall signal basically drove the motor bridges
60mV isnt really enough to switch a BJT or a logic fet
need some sort of amp, can prob get away with RRIO w/o a negative rail
or even just a comparator

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so normally i pay the extra $1 for cage free brown eggs, or just local farm brown eggs because smaller farms
last time im like fuckit, save the $1
every third egg, two yolks
all of them big eggs. so i wonder what theyre feeding the fucking chickens
besides that, this is really inconvenient to have a double wide eggs
like, i got the steam basted egg on my tortilla or toast, normally i can get the entire yolk in one giant nom
no yolk wasted
but double yolk, i cant do that so yolk everywhere
gets on my chin, all over the plate, like wtf now i gotta be wiping up the yolk, if i even have toast or torilla left
so yeah fuck it i pay the extra $1 for my foofy whole foods eggs
for another $1, i can get them w/ organic feed from someones uncle's farm

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what do you mean like a cold show?
or so you know when you used all of it?
oh electric heater

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sculptor: how does that work?
it has like, hot and hotter?
for temp?
hot water status display while showering would be ++

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